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Jeffrey Epstein due in court after sex trafficking arrest
Associated Press
Published: 08.07.19, 11:46
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1. Because the Jews are already loved!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.19)
This Moron of a man is sick and twisted and I hope he goes to prison for a long long long long time! And thanks for putting the Jews in the limelight again with negative news - you could have least changed your name - Dirt Bag would have been good!
2. The mirror.
Ken   (07.08.19)
3. Judging by the sounds coming out from USA: he'll take down
quite a few really big caliber operators with him.
Bill Clinton sounds like an obvious one. (unless Hillary was on it too:-))
Let's hope our Donald is not among them!
4. In US 10x more people sitting in jail
Mr.Resaon ,   Berlin   (07.08.19)
In US 10x more people sitting in jail per capita than in any other country.

On the other hand, major US corporations are staying in line to get access to cheep labor from prisoners.

Since apparently US has won WW2 - and not The Red Army - I guess Stalin is too responsible for the well organized exploitation of US prison system, financed by legal US$ contributions from the industry to the "law makers" who put people in jail for 150 years plus for crimes they would get 3 years in EU, if at all.
Best slaves are those, who believe to be free.
5. SAD
What is the matter with these people ?
6. Thanks for nit deleting. ..
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (07.09.19)
Thanks for not deleting my comments. .... they are hurting some times, because truth hurts.
Instead, the create a similar blog to still censor comments they don't like.

Lol. It's not about me, or you. It's abouth truth or lies.
7. How can people who can make billions$$$ be so stupid as to
Alan ,   SA   (07.17.19)
get mixed up in this type of funny business
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