Five years after last Gaza war, it's time for Israel to rethink its strategy
Giora Eiland
Published: 08.07.19, 23:48
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1. There is another alternative
Eli   (07.09.19)
Recognizing Hamas does not mean that they will no longer want to kill you.
Here;s another alternative. The IDF has indeed failed in providing an answer to what to do with Gaza. Give the defense of the bordering cities the power to defend themselves. Let them obtain rockets and other weaponry so when they are attacked by rockets or kites they will respond one thousand times as harsh. That will solve the problem immediately. However, the problem is that the IDF and police will not allow that. So people like Eiland can go on dreaming what more can we give Hamas so they will leave us alone.
2. The only real solution
DSM ,   USA   (07.09.19)
Israel should not attack Gaza if it does not attack to win and that means ignoring the UN and any other country that calls for a halt before complete victory is achieved. I'm not sure the Israeli government is nationalistic enough to withstand the out side pressure. Any other so called solution is doomed to failure.
3. Ok...
david   (07.09.19)
The problem is that Hamas is never going to reciprocate by recognizing Israel. The current strategy, while frustrating, is the right one. Modulate the level of restrictions placed on Gaza according to the level of violence. If there is no violence, ease restrictions. If violence resumes, reimpose them and if there is a loss of life, reciprocate with a painful bombardment.
4. Start by voting in new Prime Minister!
5. Goldin and Shaul's bodies rot in Gaza..
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.09.19)
yet relatives of Hamas and PA leaders receive medical treatment at Israel's finest hospitals?

Who allows such insanity? It must stop immediately.

NOBODY from Gaza, man, woman, or child, gets access to Israeli medicine until Goldin's and Shaul's bodies are returned. NO ONE.

If Netanyahu cannot make this simple order, he is unfit to lead the country.

Let Hamas decide if holding Israeli corpses is more important that letting Gazans seek medical treatment in Israel. That will show the world what Hamas truly is: unfit to lead Gaza.
ELyukim Ledas ,   near los angeles   (07.09.19)
IMHO. I believe huge numbers of our Arab neighbors do not want peace now or ever. Sadly, I believe they want only to see our nation and our people disappear. Unfortunately, a strong "Iron Wall" per Zev Jabotinsky seems to me to continue to be a correct path for the foreseeable future.
7. Really!!!
Maurice Margulies ,   Rockville MD USA   (07.09.19)
Getting out of Gaza was the solution to the problems of occupation. An independent state having freedom to import whatever it wants ........ Come on now.
8. Depressing
Worried   (07.09.19)
with such views from such senior IDF officers, no wonder Israel is always on the backfoot and lacking the daring and iniitatives of decades gone by. Defeatism, give give give, these are the views of too many IDF officers and commanders. Very sad how low the IDF and the Bibi government has sunk in the last decade. Where are the creators of Entebbe etc? sorely missed.
9. It is time
Amos ,   Langley   (07.09.19)
When all possible avenues have been exhausted (they have) , what's left is the most probable solution. Declare Gaza independent and negotiate an economical partnership.
10. So it takes a rocket scientist+100 generals to think of
How pathetic!
11. Laughable
Avi L.   (07.10.19)
1 - Israel doesn't need to conquest Gaza, enough is to make hamas loose its face

2- no negotiacion is needed, once a power vacuum is felt, once Hamas is seen as weakened, spontaneously other actors will emerge
From families and clansmen of butchered fatah men exterminated in the gang massacres following hamas victorious elections, to all those who feel to have been wronged by hamasnikim arrogance, to finally anybody who will smell hamas or ji blood in the water
Saudi and Egypt will spontaneously have their part in it, extolling their own revenge on khomeinists

3 - there's no need to "try" and create a wedge between hamas and gazawis, it already exist, they are fed up of being fed jihad and shahada without electricity, water, jobs

4 - there's no need to recognize anything at all, last of all a state .. handed to whom? PA? Santa?
The situation will rearrange itself into turfs controlled by the various clan/families/mafias, irrigated no more by the philo-khomeinist qatar but by that other nice guy MBS and duly infiltrated by whoever will do

"divide et impera", i.e divide and conquer, low investment, high returns

Seeing the "middle east" way of solving the gaza riddle, will make assad jr have a glimpse of what could happen once khomeinists forces are reduced and the jihadis are left unopposed to unleash their vengeance on alawis, it will make him reconsider letting iranians and minions do anything from Syria

By the way this "grand strategy" looks like something already read on these same comments ;) even a few times
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