Arab sector school demands end to 'racist propaganda' course
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Published: 09.07.19, 08:28
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1. Guess what: there're NO TWO SIDES! Stop inciting to murder
in Arab schools!
Not good enough for you?- scram to Mecca: your motherland!
2. Yes like ,,,
Edna ,   New York, New York   (07.09.19)
Abraham and the Hebrews came from Haran. They are not indigenous to the land of Canaan just like the Philistines.
3. So what is the problem?
One   (07.09.19)
New Zealand calls itself the chocolate capital of the world with one company making compound chocolate :)
New Zealand pride itself with best in the world despite 90% of houses aren’t waterproof and are leaking.
So Israel is doing their bit to portray a positive image; so what?
4. Maybe in your motherland in Arabia you will be much
Olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.19)
5. This seems very Communist style of indoctrination.
Guess what? It does not work. Students, who are supportive of their country will learn nothing new from it and some may feel embarassed that the state, they love uses such cheap propaganda. And those, who are critical or even hostile, will just click through it and ignore it. Well, that is taxpayer’s money well spent. How about putting that money into infrastructure, housing or garbage collection instead?
6. First things first, are they Israeli or "Palestinian"?
Jake   (07.09.19)
You can't be both, at least not yet, while the term "Palestinian" symbolizes a total rejection of Israel. Answer that question first. Where I live, just video-taping the middle class lives of Israeli-Arabs would blow the minds of most ignorant anti-Israel indoctrinated college kids. They literally have no clue what life is like in Israel, for Jews and especially for Arabs. Life is good here, and not how the media portrays it at all. That seems to be the positive message of the exam.
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