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U.S. prosecutors: Jeffrey Epstein lured underage girls for sex acts
Published: 08.07.19, 18:54
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1. Chemically castrate this fool.
Vanz ,   Ha Aretz   (07.08.19)
2. Low life scumbag
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.19)
Castrate him and throw him in prison - then take all his billions and give it to children's charities.
3. Jews in America are writing the script for their own demise.
Al   (07.08.19)
Weinstein Madoff Epstein..the list goes on..

It will not go well for them.

Most if not all of the hatred towards Trump is a result of his love for Israel.

The American jew ought to get a clue..however as most if not all of them are clueless, the result will not be good for them.
4. It appears human sex drive is as powerful, if not more so,
as hunger/thirst...
People are willing to do almost anything to satisfy it.
Add to that money& power and you have a mix of diabolical potency.
Like that joke by (sex offender himself) Louis CK:
"Pedophilia, being one of the worst offences you can be accused of , is still being practiced!
-It must be REALLY good.....!!!
It is funny , admit it, while being outrageous at the same time.
In real life, it's just outrageous!
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (07.10.19)
A standing penis has no conscience....
6. Epstein Works For Mossad
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.10.19)
His whole operation and his money come from them. There is no telling how much dirt they have on American politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton and other American pedophiles. Blackmail is a good way to keep Israeli backers in line. Hopefully the truth will come out one day but don't count it with the current crop of sleazy garbage in the American congress. But payday someday.
EX-ISRAELI ,   TX   (07.19.19)
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