Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Place of birth should not guarantee citizenship
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 09.07.19, 23:33
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1. Proverb-Because a dog is born in a stable it doesnt make it
Alan ,   SA   (07.10.19)
a horse.
2. for a change...
David   (07.10.19)
It's nice to see Mr. Yemini say something yemini.
Stop having a dig at Israel.
4. What's surprising in that?Look at who the accusers are: self
explanatory stuff...
5. Comparing Jews with Nazis is a whole branch of the industry
of antisemitism.
Some do it in order to cleanse their bad conscience about deeds done during WW2, others plainly to undermine the existence of a Jewish state, thus the viability of the Jewish nation.
I would not lose sleep over it, but do as required by our laws and common sense.
6. The mirror.
Ken   (07.10.19)
7. And all politicians should be vetted with a lie detector.
Ken   (07.10.19)
8. Ius solis
Ariel   (07.10.19)
South American countries provide birthright citizenship,and they are democratic,better searching next time for information
9. Taking it a step further
pgr   (07.10.19)
Australia mercilessly deports WHITE residents from other countries who've been legally living there for becoming burdens on the health system!

Even if they're granted permission to stay, but don't qualify, or haven't applied for, Australian citizenship, Australians are not expected to cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars on foreign residents who become chronically or seriously ill.

So residence alone is also no guarantee. Yet we have an anomaly here. In recent years Israel did away with temporary vs permanent residence and allow new olim to vote, to full medical care, to years and years of tax free income and yet statistics prove that most return to where they came from within a few years.

Why should just being born Jewish, anywhere, entitle chancers (o be supported by permanent citizens' taxes as well?

That there should be some assistance to olim who are being actively encouraged to be part of the Jewish State is not being questioned. But it is nobody's right to citizenship until they've proved they're capable of it, that they are contributing towards the cost of their keep. Not to mention that all countries - including our own - should have the right to deport anyone granted leave to stay - who commits a crime.

No refugees should have automatic permanent status until they've lived several years as responsible citizens. Only then should it be possible to obtain citizenship and all the rights that come with it.

The problem is liberal left organizations have demanded what no country and its citizens should be forced to give.

10. place of birth
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (07.10.19)
the world has 22 arab countries total land mass 13 billion 132 million 327 sq Km VS 20,000 sq km in Israel reasion one why the world equates israel with the nazi regime we are JEWS period reason two why these 22 arab countries do not take in there own THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT
11. The majority of these children are born here illegally
Gracey ,   Israel   (07.10.19)
Sorry - they need to go - we are not a charity case.
12. Foreign Kids
brian Morris ,   T/A   (07.10.19)
Every few years Israel is faced with the same dilema as several hundred kids are found to be living here illegally , the kids have no blame but their Mothers and Fathers knowingly broke the law and knowingly hid in plain sight fully aware that they were illegal

Again they have come into view with the same issues same excuses the same stories .

If we are to have laws then they must be abided by or each few years the same will happen it is inevitable as Israel relies more and more on Foreign Workers .

Tough as it is they have to go , they have to set examples for others and it must be made clear that you are Welcome you will be afforded the best medicines and social services BUT when it is time to go you must go .

We are dealing in this debate with law breakers , it is of no interest what other countries do or how they deal with these issues what is important how we in Israel deal with these matters , we dont live in Japan or Saudi Arabia we want an Israel where possible to be law abiding , tolerant of others but not blinking in the face of continual law breakers
13. Filipino extradiction
Abi Schatz ,   Ashkelon   (07.11.19)
We as Jews must not forget the generosity and bravery of The Philippines who gave us shelter during WW2 under terrible conditions. This was one of the very few countries who did so. Now we want to throw out children who are citizens, who grew up here, and are loyal. their parents look after our elderly and infirm with care and affection. It is simply not fair. it is cruel. Please watch Rescue in the Philippines on youtube. It was shown with pride on Yom Atzmaut .
The law should not be enforced in retrospect. Perhaps Canada is not such a bad model. Or perhaps lawmakers should all be born here too.Yes there is a problem, but throwing out legal children is not the solution
14. Left wing has too lie about everything because they r wrong.
They Make it about sex, race, religion... and not ideology and individual freedom.
About control rather than self autonomy.
From abortion to climate change, wage gap to illegal immigrants, trump, Israel, gun crimes, left wing violence Jew hatred and white hate..
Detention camps become concentration camps and trump the actual resistance against this tyrannical elite becomes Hitler...

Remember kkk, antifa, blm, all on the left...
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