New education minister likens Jewish intermarriage to ‘Holocaust’
Associated Press
Published: 10.07.19, 08:31
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1. Wrong definition
One   (07.10.19)
Americans of jewish heritage , not American jews. Jews don’t have chrismuka.
2. How can Jews be Jews when most of them abandoned religion?
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.19)
In fact, Muslims are closer to to Judaism than are most Jews.
3. Are we really going to let Religious control Israel ????
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.10.19)
I'm also waiting for them to be against tattoos, homosexuals, lesbians, tobacco, alcohol, rape (that we know they are hypocrites on this subject).
Do we really want "Big Brother" syndrome ?
4. Sick and warped individual
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.19)
No wonder this country is going to hell - and it's not because of our neighbours either - it's the mental cases in the government that are doing that - ALL BY THEMSELVES!
5. New Holocaust Danger
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (07.10.19)
As an Israeli living in Israel I am most happy to have made my personal contribution to assimilation of Jews here in Israel. Would do it again!!!
6. Hitler & Heinrich Himmler were saying same thing for Germans
TheWall   (07.10.19)
7. InterMarriages are THE Best for Jews and for ANYbody else!!!
latzz   (07.10.19)
Intermarriage murders an entire generation, or potential generation ,of jews. Intermarriage is just a less brutal and more polite form of Holocaust.
9. Everything aside, seriously: where do these utter imbeciles
come from and why does the public have to put up with them?
I can go along with the notion, that intermarriage, while being a civil right of every human being, is "bad for the Jews", even a catastrophe, but knowingly and with full premeditation to liken it to Holocaust is a sure sign of said individual's utter incompatibility with any role that can be described as "public".
Despicable, little gnome of a human being& Jewish to boot, what a disgrace.
10. Folks, you're getting it wrong! Stop focusing on the
"religious" part of the equation.
Treat these people as any other political body (albeit with an Imaginary Friend as their Supreme Leader) but don't get your knickers all twisted, because they dress in black!!!!
Address the issues!
Disregard the fact that they're "weird" (aren't we all?)
Just go for the logical jugular!
11. disrespectfull to the 6 million
racism in the religous sector is not a light unto the nations,counterproductive and embarassing for Israel. roll on the elections.
12. Most Non-Orthodox don't assimilate; flee Dark Ages rabbis!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (07.10.19)
Jews aren’t being attracted away from Torah by “shiqtzas”. Rather, they are voting with their feet and marriages away from exactly the Dark Ages Imposition represented by this rabbi and his Dark Ages mindset cult who are cutting the branch between themselves and 90% of world Jewry.
13. Rabbinical Judaism exists because it was Pro-Roman.
NYC   (07.10.19)
And of course it was Rome who destroyed the Jewish nation, massacred the Jewish people, enslaved and tortured its survivors.
14. American Jewish communities disappear rapidly
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (07.10.19)
because of intermarriage especially in small cities. Anybody familiar with the American Jewry knows this. In 40 years only Orthodox will remain. We depend on American Jews to support Israel. Rabbi is correct. We must come up with the solution to stop intermarriage.
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