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U.S. defense officials: Iran attempts to seize British tanker foiled
Published: 11.07.19, 08:15
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1. Irandenies this happened.So how can we ever believe anything
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.19)
they say about anything It is called Taqiya or KITMAN
2. Persian warriors scoot off when faced with a real battle?
Cameron   (07.11.19)
3. they’ll try again.
shloime ,   toronto   (07.11.19)
4. Iran will continue to be nudnicks until regime overthrown.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.11.19)
Shia mullahs want to control region and the world. They won't stop until they are tossed out. Treaties with them are as worthless as they are with Hamas because the end game for them is to destroy the enemy.
5. The dauntless kingdom
Dale Morgan ,   Carmarthen UK   (07.11.19)
The armies of the world may be divided into two groups, to the largest one belong almost all, in the small group are only the Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

The United Kingdom doesn't need anyone to successfully resolve the sordid Iranian affair. The Europeans are a pack of degenerate wolves that lack balls and fangs, and Americans are great good blokes to make love and share wars when they foresee that they will have a happy ending.

Fortunately for Israelis and Westerners, Iran is a tailor-made bull for the new generations of British warriors, that outstanding race of brave men who dominate the noble art of the jaguars that rover the land in search of wild beasts to be hamstrung with their powerfull claws.

The fate of jesters like Khamenei, Salami, Zarif and Rouhani, to name a few, is to be nabbed and caged, and then be shown in the main squares of the Great Britain cities with their feet and arms full of shackles, their ears and noses pierced with iron earrings, and a sign hung around his neck saying: 'Anti-Semitism Never Pays'.
6. Screw the Iranian regime but who the hell
Tehraniporou   (07.11.19)
Do people think they are where they are acting unilaterally as the global standard setters. Iran should levy a huge tax passage on the persian gulf and any missed payments should result in the seizage of ships. People cannot have it both ways.we should remind the world why the gulf is called the persian gulf and not the gulf of Mexico, the gulf of Sheffield or the Arabian gulf. Shah we miss you, people knew where they should have stood while you were in charge
7. Iran Regimes Cat and Mouse Games?
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.11.19)
What this Regime dont see is that the 'cat is out of the bag' and its crystal clear that however Mr Smoothie Tubby Zarif tries to portray Iran as 'peaceful' 'benign' 'victimised' is a rogue regime is TOTALLY lacking any credibility or trust

Spreading blood and mayhem, instability and hegemony throughout the Middle East and beyond via its gangster proxies, playing nuclear blackmail, promoting Shia supremacy and the vilest racist anti semitism - no wonder they are becoming THE PARIAH Nazi State of the 21st Century.
8. What to do if an IRGC bloke throws a hand grenade at you?
Ezriel Lewy ,   Free Jerusalem   (07.11.19)
Be calm and don't worry. Take out the pin and send it back to him.
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