Israel says killing of Hamas member in Gaza a 'misunderstanding'
Elior Levi and Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.07.19, 14:18
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1. Anyone can make mistakes,like HamasRockets was also mistakes
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.19)
2. What is a “restraint operative”?
David ,   New york   (07.11.19)
Please explain
3. a blatant provocation
Sami Sami ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.19)
Hamas must react immediately or will lose deterrence
4. A death is sadness. However. Don’t walk armed to the fence
Eden   (07.11.19)
5. “hamas security forces”?! they’re called terrorists.
shloime ,   toronto   (07.11.19)
6. Just read: PM-"we're preparing surprise campaign in Gaza"?!
Like: seriously???
I'll be very- very surprised then, when (if) it happens! :-))
I'm sure someone is trying (one more time) to present Bibi as a fool....
7. Nuu seriously?! It ain't gonna get better than under Prez.
Trump, so what the f...k are you waiting for?
Finish off Hamas/Abbas Adolf Maze/ whatever Arab entity, that's making threatening noises!
How stupid is a nation allowed to be, before it gets swept away into trashcan?
8. Obviously Israel doesn't think they are at war with Hamas.
DSM ,   USA   (07.11.19)
Israel either doesn't really have the stomach to do battle with Hamas or their rules of engagement don't allow for killing an enemy.
9. A member of a terrorist organization is a terrorist.
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ   (07.11.19)
It's hard to believe that the Israeli government apologized for killing a terrorist. Hamas's charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and when little Israeli children are murdered by terrorists Hamas issues press releases praising the murder.

Israel should have not given into any demands Hamas made until the bodies of the two IDF soldiers were returned and the two Israeli citizens being held captive have been returned.

Netanyahu spends his time praising dictators who deny their people freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom to criticize their governments, and gives in to a terrorist group in Gaza. It amazes me that any Israeli wants to see him remain in office.
10. WTF is this?! What groveling cretins are running IDF??!!!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.12.19)
Israeli IDF or civilian, then he would shoot to kill. So, why are apologizing for this? Thousands of archers are on fire in the south and we are apologizing for what exactly? Shooting an armed man by the fence?
12. Oh Really
torsten ,   thunder bay   (07.12.19)
An operative near the fence with a weapon, this looks like the enemy in the eyes of any soldier.
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