A secular uprising could decide the election
Einav Schiff
Published: 11.07.19, 23:33
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1. Einav Schiff - Adam Schiff; dream on.Netanyahu - Trump stay.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.12.19)
2. If Israel took the fantasies of the religious seriously
Proud Israeli   (07.12.19)
Then we might as well become our own enemy. While I personally respect people of all religions and their right to believe whatever they wish, I absolutely don't want them to be in the government. Because to them, real world facts don't matter and whatever an ancient book says will be superior to facts. This world isn't their priority and ruling us should not be their role. We need our leaders to be living in the real world with a clear head and understand the consequences of real life decisions. Israel is a secular state and the only reason it is a top nation is because it's scientific and technological breakthroughs. Don't think for a second that our status and reputation will be on top of the world if the religious had their way in this country. Vote for any party you want but make sure as hell they aren't religious or influenced by them, for the sake of Israel.
DANNS ,   MONTEVIDEO   (07.12.19)
4. We are conservative.We are Jews.We do not want
Olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.19)
leftist assimilationism.
5. israel is a very anti semitic country
zionist forever   (07.12.19)
The secular elite hate the ultra orthodox in this country just as much as they hate terrorism, the secular revolt against Shabbat and the reality is this revolt is not so much against the 1 day weekend but because its a religious day.
In politics secular opportunists are proudly treating the haredi as if they were worse than terrorists.
They might not call it anti sematism because the seculars are themselves Jewish but if this was happening in any other country in the world the Jewish community would most certainly be calling it anti semtism and demanding something be done to stop it but in Israel it can all be justified if we just use words like sharing the burden because then the orthodox Jews sound like trouble makers.

Israel has become a state where only secular Jews are welcome and if your haredi then your not wanted.
6. Anti-Religious dog whistling will not decide the election
Jake   (07.12.19)
The vast majority of Israelis, especially on the Right, are not anti-religious as the media echo chamber would have you believe. Most are perfectly happy with the religious-secular status quo and Netanyahu continuing to lead Israel with a steady hand.
7. I'm not crazy about Yvette, but I dislike the Black Moochers
even more!
8. Are Haredi prayers+following of mitzvot worth anything?
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.12.19)
9. Such winning uprising will eliminate the risk of a civil war
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.12.19)
10. The Haredim like to believe that they and only
Naor ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.19)
They are responsible for the continuation of Judaism and the future of the state
By banning transport and businesses operating on Shabbat,segregation in the army and exemption of yeshiva students for enlistment and through their fingers in the Interior Ministry pie can stop inter- marriage and who gets to come here and who doesn't.And we the secular let them moaning daily on how they are operating but almost jokingly look at their antics,brush them off like an irritating fly.We are forced to go abroad if we want a civil marriage and as Conservative or Reform Jews are looked at as second class citizens.
We allow the political parties we support to include them for the simple reason of making the numbers up so a government can be formed then watch as they hold reign over that government diminishing the very rights we voted for.
Their form of Judaism went out with shetls,cossack programs and a dress code that was instigated by European governments.Real Haredim faith and values has been replaced by political coherstion and avarice and a necessity to impose at all means their way of life on others.
11. 2 errors in story not Makor Rishon but Israel Hayom..and
DangerXtremeSecular ,   Jerusalem   (07.12.19)
And lumping all as “ Orthodox” ,...all Traditional Jews and National Religious fall under “ Orthodox” label instead of using ultra orthodox to specify
Makor Rishon is not owned by Adelson Israel Hayom is ...
Most Israeli Jews follow or acknowledge “ Orthodox Judaism” as authentic important to differentiate between Ultra Orthodox” and” tradtiinal Orthodox “
If the “ dry secular” politicians win the day count on Israel losing its Jewish identity and legitimacy of the need of a Hewish Homeland..
12. I hate to break it to you Judaism has 613 commandments
Yerachiel HaLevi ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.19)
Not just 10!!!!!
Aseret HaDibrot means 10 Utterances not commandments.
the Torah has 613 commandments or mitzvot!!!
13. We need our traditions/religion very much. The moochers: not
so much.
Simply remove the Black wise-guys from the state-titties and everything will fall into place.
14. We must respect& uphold our tradition, but "hell no" to some
half-wits, uneducated in real matters, demanding the keys to our lives!!!
If that's the case: I wouldn't want to spend one minute in such a country.
Give me freedom or give me death!
(or a one way ticket outahere, much more preferable:-))
15. Absolutely about time, pity it's that Lieberman character!!!
16. "Uprising"?! Why, is simple voting not sufficient? If this
is the reoccurring result of our elections, then maybe this is what the majority wants (or doesn't care enough to protest)?
I personally would love to see the Men in Black have just a proportionate say in our daily lives, AFTER we keep marriage, burial, public transportation out of their monopoly!
17. israel is very anti semitic country
zionist forever   (07.16.19)
Israel is a very very anti semitic country, the secular elite hate the orthodox, these men with beards who wear furry hats who do not want to sit next to women then are not married to.
If this was not Israel and these people were non Jews we would be shouting and screaming anti semitism but because they are secular Jews and its Israel then it becomes legitimate and its ok to hate the haredi.

Who cares if they go in the army or not, I think if we let the army decide they would decidie they do not want them because the Hesder units ( army funded yeshiva combined with army service ) eat up the budgets and they want to slim down the IDF and get rid of the jobnicks which is what most the haredi would end up as.
The only reason for politicians to obsess over it is to brainwash the secular voters, convince them to hate the haredi and that the secular politicians are the champions of a worthy cause.

If this was any other country in the western world if you had men like Liberman and Lapid spewing their haredi hatred then the media would be demanding they resign saying its unacceptabale to have anti semitic policies.

As for the haredi parties, they are just as legitimate as all the other parties out there and apart from Likud & Labor all the parties are either single issue ideology based ones or opportunists forming their own parties like Gantz, Lapid and Felgin.
The haredi make a good scapegoat but the problem is the political system utsef needs to change get rid of the opportunists and single issue parties no matter what their cause.
18. 10
zionist forever   (07.17.19)
You don't like the way the things are don't blame the haredi because when it comes to politics they are just looking out for their interests same as all the other single issue parties just care aboout theirs.

Religious care about religious issues
Liberman cares about secular issues
Bennet is a nationalist who just wants to build settlements & Annex Area C
Felgin is a messianic who wants to build a temple and legalize canibis.
Arab parties care about arab issues.
Gantz & Liberman, have no ideologies they just want a political career and see that forming their own parties selling populist policies is a fast track to the top.

Fact is only Labor & Likud are mainstream parties that do not exisit for the sole purpose of joining coalitions to get state support for their own pet causes.

The only way things will EVER CHANGE is if the system is one where we have either a single party running the country alone for a fixed term so there are no concessions in exchange for coaltion building.
The other option is riase the threshold so high it keeps out the opportunists and single issue parties leaving us only with a handful of mainstream parties able to pass this threshold because desipite its been raised from 2% - 3.5% it still one of the lowest eectoral thresholds in the world, it needs to be at least 10%
We cannot allow this party vote sharIng help little parties pass the threshold and certainly cannot allow premiership rotation agreements like Lapid & Gantz have, its undemocratic and its only done to form partnerships.
19. pgr - They would if they could!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.19)
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