Israeli teachers slam education minister for backing conversion therapy
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 14.07.19, 08:43
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1. Conversion therapy worth exploring
David ,   New york   (07.14.19)
Activist made homosexuality into an “inborn identity”
But science doesn’t support that
Very little genetic contribution
Gambling, alcoholism are heavily genetic, but we accept “conversion therapy” for those problems

2. I'm telling you(in all confidentiality!):this dude works for
Otherwise there's no explanation (at least not in the natural world) for exhibiting such immense stupidity, on purely scientific level.
Or any other level for that matter!
3. This man destroys secular ppl chance to embrace religion
Eden   (07.14.19)
4. He is inciting violence
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.19)
This man is a complete waste of space - he needs to step down and go live in Iran. He is primitive stupid and not fit to clean public toilets.
5. In a democracy everybody has the right to speak out.
Olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.19)
Bravo Mr. Peretz for voicing your opinion ,may it be wrong or right.
6. uneducated minister of education
doda   (07.14.19)
7. And what if Being Gay is not always NORMAL!
Riva ,   israel   (07.14.19)
Maybe a little therapy IS in order to see if a child is just affected by the cultural trends or personal issues. Society is going crazy so this minister is correct!
8. Addictive behavior therapy works
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (07.14.19)
for billions of people fighting alcoholism, drugs, gambling, overeating etc. etc. addictions. It works for homosexuality too. Many walked away from the disgusting lifestyle. But here we have Torah hating Bolshevik thought police not tolerating any dissent.
9. Gay activists bothered by conversion therapy or any therapy?
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.14.19)
Are gay activists bothered by conversion therapy or any therapy that might cause gay members to leave the flock? Leaders of the gay community seem very dictatorial.
10. He probably "did it" on himself (although gays tend to be of
relatively high IQ!)
11. What's next: an Alchemist as Science Minister???!!!!
12. The mirror.
Ken   (07.14.19)
We all have the right to our freedom of opinion and freedom of speech ,unless your name is Rafi Peretz !
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