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UK paper: Envoy says Trump quit Iran deal to spite Obama
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Published: 14.07.19, 12:56
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1. Enough of that damn fool Brit
Cameron   (07.14.19)
An ambassador of rather dubious intellectual & political ability.

Britain & the US are well served by that knave finally slipping away from DC in disgrace.
2. Obama - worst thing to happen to the USA and Israel
Gracey ,   Israel   (07.14.19)
and everywhere in between. He was a useless president who made out he was a friend of Israel - he was far from that.
3. Allsopp, Facebook, then stop blaming Iran for trump fair.
Ken   (07.14.19)
Eden   (07.14.19)
5. To ambassador: Obama did Iran deal to spite Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.14.19)
6. Everything Obama did was to harm US and its allies
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.14.19)
Trump corrects
7. No one is "deciding! Everyone is entitled to their opinions!
solomon ,   New York   (07.14.19)
8. British ambassador
C   (07.15.19)
the man is lying.
trump exited the deal because he considered it to be a terrible deal.
9. Can KIM give EVIDENCE of his allegations?SWhere;s hard evide
Alan ,   SA   (07.15.19)
It seems that everyone who is AGAINST Pres Trump can make any allegation but Pres Trump must furnish hard solid evidence.
10. Brits are dumb as door nail. They just have lots of luck!
11. As much as I despise the Brits, there COULD be something to
Judging by his stance/actions vs. N.Korea, Trump seeks exactly these "deals" ,that in practice change nothing, but in the short run give an appearance of "progress/success"...
A deal like Obama's could not be ruled out also under Trump.
But it's not HIS "deal" and yes, he'd love to drag Obama's snout through some pee....
I like the Orange One no matter what.
12. Tommy Robinson in jail for doing what 1000s do daily
Speaking of protecting freedom of the press which in non existent in the UK for a long time.

Anyone still pretending Iran is peaceful is more dangerous than Iran itself.
The same useful idiots supported Hitler....
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