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Rouhani says Iran ready to talk to U.S. if sanctions lifted
Published: 14.07.19, 19:45
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1. Inspite of dismissing sanctions Iran is hurting badly
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.14.19)
2. While small khomeinists hamas blackmails Israel
Avi L.   (07.14.19)
While hamas blackmails Israel, big khomeinist Iran blackmails the world

And fryerim pay
3. Exactly same tactics used by Pals.First do what we want and
Alan ,   SA   (07.15.19)
only then can we talk. A kind of back to front negotiating tactic..
4. We are ready to TALK if you lift sanctions not do a new deal
zionist forever   (07.15.19)
The Iranians want to play the US for fools by saying lift sanctions first and then we will talk, we do not promise talks will go anywhere but as long as we can drag things out the sanctions will not be imposed again.
They want the sanctions lifted now and then to try drag out talks into 2020 when Trump will be focused on his re-election campaign and looking to avoid any kind of trouble in the region because that sort of things do not go down well during election campaigns.

If all goes to plan for Iran a Democrat will win the election and they will go back to the 2015 deal as Iran will not have agreed to anything better during the Trump negotiated deal first

Trump must keep up his policy of new deal first lifting sanctions later because the very fact Iran are making this offer is proof the tactic is working and Iran will eventually either bankrupt the country and risk a revolution to topple the ayatollahs or negotiate on Trumps terms.
5. Iran is trying to bluff its way out. as usual.
solomon ,   New York   (07.14.19)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.15.19)
The mullahs talk as always from their fat behinds. EU & even the mullahs love the sanctions. It gives both of then to keep the money in EU banks while the Iranian economy just gets worse and worse. Not to mention the joy VLADI is having by all of this.
7. as predicted Shia terror regime engages in nuclear blackmail
C   (07.16.19)
the taqqiya regime uses nuclear blackmail to get its way.
8. Sheherizade ( Čehrāzād,) is a Persian Story of 10001 nights
Alan ,   SA   (07.17.19)
Rouhani is Sheherizade ( Čehrāzād,) and he wants to spin out the talks for 1001 nights hoping that Trump will fall in love with Iran.and forget about the atomic bomb story.... Kerry and Hussein O fell in love with Persias story ,so try it again
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