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Tensions rise in Gulf as US, UK up their forces
The Media LIne
Published: 15.07.19, 08:30
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1. just the usual game of stunts & posturing
Cameron   (07.15.19)
All Persian moves are very wary and measured.

Their policy has always revolved around avoiding a head-on military conflict with the US over the decades.

Russia & China will, as always, keep themselves at a real distance.
2. Ayatollah has awakened the sleeping giant
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (07.22.19)
The Ayatollah has awakened the sleeping giant the UK, what the Mullahs don't realise the UK on it's own has the military might to destroy Iran. But the UK is not on it's own, any attack on UK will be a attack on NATO, and of course we have the US and Israel and all the coalition forces. Hamas will be the first ones to be vanquished, then the Hezbollah, Iran's Tehran will cease to exist as well as most of their major cities. The Mullahs will have difficulty in finding a hiding place. When the oppressed Iranian's get's hold of the Mullah's they will literally, tear them to pieces. These Mullah's are living in their fantasies. Their days are numbered.
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