Off-duty cop implicated in killing of Ethiopian teen released from house arrest
Ahiya Raved
Published: 15.07.19, 13:30
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1. Not intentional BUT it is A Murder.COP is A Killer!
TheWall   (07.16.19)
Israeli police has always been an extraordinary corrupted.
Most of cops are connected to criminals one way or another.
This cop is a murderer. Although he didn't mean to kill but the fact that he pointed and fired his gun is more than enough evidence to sentence him for murder and to lock this violent cop behind the bars for at least 15 yrs.
2. What if the cop is NOT guilty of homicide? If things really
were as described?
Should he "hanged" anyway, so the mob can have its pound of flesh & be quiet again?!
3. Same actress played Rachel Frankel & Tamar Ettinger
Slam Dunk ,   NYC   (07.16.19)
Who is this actor in this brain fakery?
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