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Computing pioneer who cracked Nazi codes to be face of British banknote
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 15.07.19, 15:20
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EDEN   (07.15.19)
2. Poor guy, never heard of our local genius: Peretz, that dude
would've cured him for sure... :-)
3. Turing is highly deserving
C   (07.16.19)
he saved england and as such, the rest of western civilisation.
he was then mercilessly persecuted for his sexuality.
shame on britain.
4. Many Jews worked at Blechley Park decoding German communicat
Alan ,   SA   (07.16.19)
on the Enigma Machines.during WW2. Turing was a brilliant man.(not Jewish)
5. PC rubbish to bypass the pillars of British science
Dovid ,   New Yawk   (07.16.19)
The tragic genius of Turing is not in doubt but this is PC rubbish to bypass the pillars of British science.
Newton or Farraday deserve the honor as they raised the level science to empirical standards removing superstition. My personal hero is James Clerk Maxwell who created the equations without which Einstein could not have put relativity to mathematical equation...
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