Teen wounded by Gaza rocket as baby enlists to IDF's Elite Naval Commando
Matan Tzuri
Published: 16.07.19, 11:02
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1. Porky Sherry has no objection to seeing injured Israeli kids
as, in his warped opinion, arabs have a right to resist the "occupation" and shoot rockets indiscrimanently into Israel. *OINK*
2. never give up hope
C   (07.16.19)
always trust in the mercy of the most holy one.

follow the laws of moses and your own conscience.

we waited for over two thousand years to liberate our ancient
the goy nations persecuted us mercilessly. even our little babies
were murdered and tortured. it is their sacrifice throughout the
ages that showed our resolve to be a nation of torah.
prayers for the peace of jerusalem.
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