Netanyahu makes history as Israel's longest-serving leader
Associated Press
Published: 17.07.19, 23:33
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1. Netanyahu is also the second best Prime Minister of Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.18.19)
2. And unequivocally the WORST PM in Israeli history
Rafi ,   US   (07.18.19)
Guaranteed to be borne out when true history is written...
3. When you're both "good" and righteous they're no limits to
what you can achieve.
Bibi is such a guy.
Plenty of envy & resentment around: that's a given.
Hate him or love him, he's doing an incredible job on our behalf.
Obviously his personal chemistry works great with so many other leaders; swapping him for some ambitious zilch would've been insane.
Left is getting desperate in its frustration, thus orchestrates a witch hunt, unseen in the modern wold .

4. you need not love him, but you need admire him
C   (07.18.19)
the man accepted certain gifts, such as cigars and champaign.
he made deals with members of the media.
he showed his contempt for his opponents.
yet, this is the man who has made israel secure for many years.
he has outlived the obama regime and its fake nuclear deal.
the hamas terrorists have caused harm, but they have not advanced
and they have made the lives of their people miserable.
he has stolen iran's nuclear archives from the heart of tehran
and has made that fake nuclear deal irrelevant.
under his leadership, israel is more secure and actually admired.
he is very good friends with a powerful american president.
the united states has recognised jerusalem as israel's
eternal capital, because he kept fighting.
his diplomatic achievements are substantial and surpass those
of leaders of more significant states.
there are those who say that he is a coward because he will
not destroy hamas or attack iran.
but the truth is that he is a wonderful strategist who understands
the limits of power of a small state surrounded by many enemies.
mazal tov, prime minister netenyahu, the prime minister of
the liberated jewish state of israel.
5. Bibi was great - until he wasn't
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.19)
He needs to retire, take that repugnant wife with him - and kick out Yair who is too old to be living at home - he needs to get a job - and stop behaving like his father's minder. Seems that to be in the Knesset, you need a criminal record -how shocking and disgusting is that!
And if Barak ,and others, do not like that they can go suck a Fishermans Friend.
The one and only decent Prime Minister since the founding of modern Israel in 1948 ,ad mea v'esrim. And he more than deserves every cigar !
9. only because too many are afraid of change - he's despicable
doda ,   tel aviv   (07.18.19)
10. what a damn weakling
hal   (07.18.19)
no wonder Judeans have had so much trouble over the years. they choose leaders who are gutless-peres, olmert and now bibi.

as usual he exaggerates the effects of a UN meeting to raise awareness of the plight of the goldin son. he raises their hopes and then offers them this pile of bs UN meeting.

instead of seizing relatives of Hamas, he talks UN meetings. what a bloody weakling.

his wife has more steel in her bones than this security failure.
11. His hour of reckoning is coming: Antisemitic congresswomen
from the US are planning a visit here& "Palestinian" territories.
Those are one Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (a "Palestinian" usurper herself).
If Netanyahu has the balls to use an existing Israeli law, that bans such persons from entering AND he can persuade D.Trump to back him up, he shall have my eternal appreciation.
Frankly I think chances are very small that this will happen....
the lemmings in our govt. will probably go with something like : "we shall invite them to freely see& acquaint themselves with our wonderfully diverse & free society in Israel"
(as if these two enemies of Western civilization AND surrealistically the US, could give a damn about the truth!)
12. Still the Usual idiots will contend he's so successful
because he is such a abysmal failure!!!
You just cannot win a war with these poor creatures...
13. BBT
Renato ,   Afula   (07.20.19)
Bibi, Bolsonaro and Trump
Am Israel Chai.
14. Bibi has been an outstanding PM..
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.19)
Rafi ,   US   (07.21.19)
... international relations (including with allies!) and with Diaspora Jewish communities abroad.

He's unraveled decades of positive work by previous dedicated Prime Ministers Ben Gurion, Golda, Begin and Rabin.

If there is any ultimate justice in history, Netanyahu should stand trail for corruption, criminal negligence, and ultimately treason for the damage he's caused the State of Israel.
16. The best PM we ever had. No heir on the horizon, not good!
17. Bibi's shortcomings pale compared to his achievements
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.22.19)
The socialist Labor Party left Israel with a disastrous economy. Bibi is largely responsible for resuscitating Israel's economy and making it boom. Bibi also deserves credit for minimizing the damage inflicted on Israel by Obama, the most hostile and inept U.S. president in history. Bibi also presided over the rapid expansion of Israel's international ties throughout the world. Bibi is unquestionably a brilliant man. There is good reason Bibi is Israel's longest serving P.M. Bibi's shortcomings pale compared to his momentous achievements. With all due respect, now it is time for him to be replaced by a more courageous rightist patriot.
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