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In the Middle East, obesity is a growing epidemic
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Published: 20.07.19, 22:32
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1. hmmm
David   (07.21.19)
Fascinating. I had thought that Egypt is on the brink of a famine, with a bursting population and a shrinking agricultural belt. And here I read that they are literally bursting at the waist. What a sad mixture of circumstances. A nation of overweight people facing starvation...
2. This can be solution to Muslim terrorism, not allowed in gym
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.21.19)
3. Rafik the Arab must weigh 500 lbs based on this article
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.21.19)
4. Lazy culture of a monoeconomy based on one natural resource
Desi ,   London   (07.21.19)
They are d
5. Too much junk foods with chemical preservatives
Rich ,   Toronto   (07.21.19)
and not enough exercise.
6. Tubby ,or not tubby ? FAT is the question ...
DR .PEPPER ,   SAFED MEDICAL   (07.20.19)
Most of us, myself included ,eat too much at times, we overeat.The solution for countering obesity, which is unhealthy ,is to try to eat less and exercise more, easier said than done ,I know !
8. Western diet, not desert climate, is the culprit
Jake   (07.20.19)
Western diet, lifestyle, and medicine to be precise.
9. So there is justice after all? :-)) Islam shall explode!
10. Way to much plastic in Israeli store & agricultural industry
Ken   (07.20.19)
11. above
moishe   (07.21.19)
stupid people in many ways. sugar and fats will destroy the enemies of Israel. the modern 'plagues' that god has sent.
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