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Germany marks 75th anniversary of plot to kill Hitler
Associated Press
Published: 21.07.19, 08:34
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1. only tried to end his life to prevent Germans from dying
k ,   US   (07.21.19)
by 1944 I am pretty sure the Germans were aware the war was a lost cause and Hitler was going to just continue killing German soldiers, it is not like they tried ending his life because they thought Hitler was a bad guy, they all loved him
2. Germany pays for anti-Israel NGOs, flooded Europe
UK Yahudi   (07.21.19)
with refugees from the Middle East, pays little to NATO and allows Hezbollah to use Berlin as their HQ. Not interested in commemorating the past.
3. already 1939 an assault to terminate the fuhrer failed.
kaleb   (07.21.19)
there was another attempt to kill hitler by georg elser in november 1939. elser attemted to kill the asshole by a time triggered bomb during a speech in hofbräuhaus in munich. it failed because there was fog so that the asshole couldnt leave by aeroplane but had take a train and thus left 13 minutes too early.
it is not officialy celebrated as elser was only a carpenter and a member of the communist "Rotfrontkämpferbund".
4. Celebrating getting ALMOST pregnant?!!!!!!??????????
5. Von Stauffenberg is a symbol of the resistance? Really?
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.19)
Von Stauffenberg plot only occurred after Allied D Day Invaders had broken out of Normandy region. ALSO USSR military was well into Poland..Why did the Nazi Military killers not attempt their coup years earlier.Von Stauffenberg took part in the invasion of Russia and the Baltic States and Poland. His unit was accompanied by SS Einsatzgruppen. He had first hand visual observation of murder of Jews..The gentleman who was to be the new leader of Germany after a succesful coup was a bad bad AntiSemite Mayor of some German City (I forget which one). The plotters thought that they would sue for peace and carry on as before. Churchill was not interested to help them . Stauffenberg was no hero.. He tried to get a good deal for the Nazis.
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