Hamas meets Iran's supreme leader during warm visit in Tehran
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 22.07.19, 13:02
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1. Like chess player iran is putting its pieces together
Nato ,   Nyc   (07.22.19)
In preparation for a massive attattack by all its proxies at onene time. Better attack iran with all force possible NOW
2. Chuck you for wasting my time
Ghgds ,   Nyc   (07.22.19)
3. How did Hamas get to Iran? Seems like a perfect target.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.22.19)
How will Hamas get back to Gaza? Another excellent target in the making.
4. And they all are left alive ...because....what exactly??!
5. Iran's first line of defencePrecision rockets. Hams watchout
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.19)
6. Haniyeh visited Iran wearing a Bikini ?
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (07.22.19)
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