Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
Israeli Jews must not alienate their non-Orthodox American brethren
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.07.19, 09:02
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1. Author
Boaz   (07.23.19)
Marc Mezvinsky Jewish, Chelsea Clinton non jewish.
Little Mezvinsky’le non jewish married Edward Stanford - non jewish
They welcomed to this world Mathieu Stanford - non jewish who grew up to marry Pam Bealing - non jewish. If it looks like an annihilation of judaism, then it is.
2. To Atilla Somfalvi : DON'T BLAME RAFI PERETZ
I agree that sometimes a tough approach is not helpful, but Rafi Peretz is not personally responsible for the alienation of american jews from Judasim.
3. Please use words to build bridges between all types of Jews
-   (07.23.19)
It is written in the article "the hardline Orthodox leadership has harsh words for those who dare to break away". Perhaps it is true that some did have harsh words but what is the point of "blaming" the entire "stream" of "Orthodox Jews"? Is this morality? Is this love of Jew? Is this what the Torah is teaching us? To point out mistakes of others? To focus on the dark side.

"Torah tziva lanu Moshe, morasha kehilat Yaacov": our system of values AND responsibilities is passed on to every single Jew. Regardless of their "stream" and observance of Mitzvot. It is up to every individual to reflect on this; deeply.

I invite the author of the article to research what the Lubavitcher Rebbe used to say and write on the above-mentioned topic and reflect on the infinite love that such a representative of the "Orthodox Jewry" used to have towards any other Jew.
4. We should not either embrace or reject them.
n   (07.23.19)
We just do not care about them, just as they did not care about European Jews before, during and after WWII and just as they did not care about Israeli Jewry before, during and after establishment of the state. They never managed to sway American foreign policy towards Israel, and I suspect they never really tried. If Israel today, 30 years after the demise of the Soviet empire is still submerged into the endless bloody conflict with the Arab world - it can be only because the Americans prefer it that way and it looks like all these pro-Israel lobbies are preoccupied with banal fund raising for their own salaries...
5. Millions of US and other diaspora Jews disagree with YOU..
There are millions of Jews from Mexico to France, Australia to UK who disagree with YOU this progressive fascism with it identity political racism and Jew hatred..
Its clear for anyone without an agenda to see how corbyn, democrats, kkk blm Cair Muslim brotherhood, antifa, squad, and so on all left all hostile to Jews and all supported by these Jews you speak of.

Nothing to do with religion, more about reality...
6. Voters of Hussein Obama and Ilhan Omar are not my brethren.
Tarphon ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.19)
7. The new Jew
Deborah ,   NYC   (07.23.19)
These people themselves have pushed aside Judaism and and maintain a very superficial relationship...it might mean something to them but not as much as their social climbing or careers etc
8. They alienate them selves
Phoenix   (07.23.19)
They are not actually Jews in a sense that they do not believe or know Judaism
9. Leftist disease
Israel   (07.23.19)
You complain about the Orthodox having a monopoly and not being open to dialogue. At least be honest and not lie about it. To you dialogue would mean to completely demonize the Orthodox approach. And do they’re right to exclude all other fake streams of Judaism. Number 1 and most importantly, they aren’t Judaism, just like Jews for j isn’t Judaism and number 2 you only looking to take over yourself. Just you believe that type of take over is a good type. We see through your lies and distortions.
10. Is Bernie Sanders being alienated? is he the one alienating?
Joseph ,   USA   (07.23.19)
ridiculous premise.
It is the reformi in America that wants to dictate Israeli policy and halacha. Go jump in a lake.
11. How can we exclude them?
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya, israel   (07.23.19)
How can we exclude most of them since they have already excluded themselves? If they wish to join they should of course be encouraged to join and study what Judaism really is.
I agree with Atilla that israeli jews must not " alienate their non-orthodox American brethren " but the soft and easy approach is not working .
13. To Atilla Somfalvi
This is somewhat of a dilemma, true we should not alienate american jews who have strayed far from judaism ,they should be given the opportunity to change their ways and return to the fold ,on the other hand you can not have it both ways ; they can not simply abandon Judasim and their jewish roots whilst at the same time expecting to be accepted and welcomed with open arms by israeli jews.They can not have it both ways ! in other words, you can not leave a club abd still expect to enjoy the benefits of said club .
14. ok with the use of holocaust related to illegal immigration
Mm   (07.23.19)
If you are ,this article is moot
15. Bromides, isn't it? Of course one shouldn't alienate any-
one, regardless of creed...blah blah.
In practice, those living in Galut, intermarrying, are at the most delaying the end of their Jewish lineage.
That's life, that's how whole nations changed their religions, allegiances so on throughout history....
How much should we, Israelis "respect" this phenomenon?
I guess I'll loose sleep over more weighty matters at hand....
16. Let dying dog lie, Jews, like Humanity needs to revolve,
Ken   (07.23.19)
17. Same results as Holocaust
Joe Bliksem ,   Raanana   (07.23.19)
Like it or not or love it or not.....The good rabbi is 100% correct.
18. Haredi hypocrisy and Israeli complicity
Zalman Widergarn ,   Carversville   (07.23.19)
The head of one religious party has spent time in jail for fraud. A chief rabbi was jailed for fraud. Who are these people to tell anyone else what to do and how to live? I have been in Israel 8 times since 2005, but have not gone to the Kotel since 2011 because I cannot stand the hypocrisy that reigns and is represented there. The hostility of the Haredi towards other Jews, the outside world, women, and knowledge, in general, is disgusting and will be the end of Jewishness as we know if the Israeli government allows them to be the image of Jewishness to younger Jews of the Diaspora.
19. Attila when IQ going low, this kind of comment come availabe
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (07.23.19)
Nobody from greatest leader of Jewish people ( Rabbi Akiva was a Ger) , no Jewish Soul is HEFKER , but to explore your Potential you have to commit to Law of Torah first, without corner cutting and summit Torah to Dictated Conditional Environment which ended by making an U Turn from the Tora'h Law, and this demand from American Jews to realize it and come back to Original Format , and much more so in Israel , have to have conscious and be responsible for "converting" his mind back to origins.
20. And how about converting the gentile partner?
You know, like it happened many times in the past according to both the Torah and the Talmud? What exactly prevents you from turning the threat into opportunity?
21. Dead wrong
David ,   New york   (07.24.19)
Jews who leave the faith and intermarry are not your friends and allies
Many are brainwashed into a leftist/anti-Israel ideology
These are the people who promote BDS and sympathize with the Palestinians and hate on those who support Israel.
I personally only count Jews who are identified with their religion and keep its laws
The more religious a Jew is, the more they support us against their enemies
22. Follow the $
Tired of bs ,   Moon   (07.24.19)
All this discussion is bs. Everyone should pay for themselves for their convictions, specially religious butnot only. In Israel and elsewhere

State mattets are of collective concerns and religious conviction is personal as it can be. So, don't mix them and things will be more fair
23. Israelis are not more religious than American Jews
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (07.24.19)
Gee, I did not know that most Israelis keep strictly kosher, observe Shabbat every week, and go to synagogue every week. Most Israelis are more Israeli than they are Jewish.

The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews are NOT religious so they have no right to criticize any Jew in the Diaspora.

Israeli's need to take a long hard look at their surroundings. Every charity,
every organization that helps them comes from the support and donations of Jews in the Diaspora, most of whom are not at all religious. Be careful of those you so easily attack because without the support and money of American Jews Israel would be a third rate country.
24. Gallup 2019 Last 2 Decades: American Jews NOT assimilating!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (07.24.19)
25. Most liberal Jews are not friends of Israel or America
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.19)
The highest intermarriage rates are among liberal Jews, and few liberal Jews are friends of Israel or America. They tend to embrace every lunatic liberal cause which is harmful to Israel and America. Liberal Jews are prominent among those who urge Israel to make suicidal concessions to our mortal "Palestinian" foes.

Liberal Jews are stabbing Donald Trump in the back, though Trump is the best friend Jews have ever had in the White House. Liberal Jews are also prominent among those seeking to flood America with illegals. Jew haters, like David Duke, have no better ally than liberal Jews. Sad but true.
26. the converted
C   (07.25.19)
john kerry's family converted from judaism to catholcism,

today, john kerry is best of friends with the genocidal shia terror regime,
27. Bottom line..Israelis being the schnorrers they are pander
Al   (07.25.19)
To those who will support them.

The American Jews have been very generous over the years.

However that generation of givers are being replaced by a generation of entitled uneducated drug addicted losers.

Nothing to see here.

The goy will remind them they are Jews.

Same can be said for most Israeli youth.

It's been our history from day 1.
28. Israel Must not Alienate Brethren In US
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (07.26.19)
Israeli Jews must not alienate US brethren. Irrespective of personal opinions and differences, they will always remain Jews, and part Israel. Wait and see only history will tell the story. And wait till Iran attacks Israel. US brethren blood will boil and they will have Israel's back.
29. The same old story
Lucy feifet ,   LA   (07.28.19)
You don't get to define who and what we are!!!
Maybe in your little shtatle, but out here
No one cares! Stay there and we stay here.
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