Saudi blogger attacked, spat at in Jerusalem for accepting Israeli invite
Daniel Salami
Published: 22.07.19, 22:03
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EDEN   (07.23.19)
2. Saud is always welcome by tolerant, accepting Israel
C   (07.22.19)
the arab palestinians prove once again that they are a totalitarian autocratic
group of murderers.
3. Pals only want to pull ALL Arabs into the gutter,but they
Alan ,   SA   (07.23.19)
have had enough of these people who want to call the shots in the entire Middle East. The Arab countries have their own needs and wants and cant dance to the Pals music forever.
4. M E countries note that Hamas is today visiting Khameini
Alan ,   SA   (07.23.19)
in Teheran and told him that Iran should see Hamas as Iran front line. So who thinks Saudi Arabia will have sympathy for Hamas and Pals
5. Muslims ethnically cleansed the Mideast & N Africa & Turkey
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (07.23.19)
of Jews and Christians save for one lonely spot, the Holy Land. And it sticks in their craw. As for the history of the Temple Mount, reference the Waqf's 1925 Guide to "Al Haram, Al Sharif" where the Supreme Moslem Council admits that Al Aksa stands on the site of Solomon's Temple.
6. Saudi blogger
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.19)
First,as a Muslim,it must be important to him to pray in El Aksa
Secondly,he came to Israel to make his own opinion,honest man.
And finally,he stood peacefully to his principles when attacked.
7. Digraceful behavior towards a very decent fellow
Ken   (07.23.19)
8. Shameful reaction
Proud Israeli   (07.24.19)
That's quite shameful to attack him like that. He is free to say what he wants. How does attacking him prove you are right? Just shows how important it is for all of us, Muslims, Christians, and Jews to support Israel and appreciate the country we have. Had the Palestinians ruled here then they would not welcome free speech. May God bless Israel and the people of Israel.
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