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Russia edition of book by famed Israeli author skips Putin criticism but slams Trump
Yuval Plotkin
Published: 23.07.19, 15:26
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1. Such authors are prostitutes. Will write any lies for $$$.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.23.19)
2. money, money, money
Avi L.   (07.23.19)
3. Shame to you Harari. I will never buy your books again.
Lucifer69   (07.24.19)
4. Crimea:RUSSIA took back what belonged to her 300 YEARS!...
TheWall   (07.24.19)
GOOD job Yuval!!!
BUT the main reason was this:...US orchestrated a political putsch in Ukraine in order to get their hands of Crimea and establish there a military and naval base. Obviously they failed in their mission, like failing everywhere.
This was the real reason for PUTIN acting smart and fast, to prevent US getting into Russia's back door.
GOOD JOB, Yuval!!!
5. He's of leftist persuasion: most of what he pens is a lie.
6. Loss of credibility
Alon ,   Haifa   (07.25.19)
I enjoyed very much reading him but will never trust him again.
7. US originated fake news, created fascist coup in Ukraine...
ironbutterfly   (07.25.19)
Yuval Harari is absolutely right and absolutely correct.
The aggressor is one and only: United States of America.
CIA has created a coup in Kiev, hoping to make Ukraine its puppet and by doing so get the access to Crimea and establish there a naval base. Imagine that, an American military base on a Black Sea, which is a home for the Russian Empire Navy for hundreds of years and Soviet Union's Navy for 70 years!!! There were no choices and no chances for Putin's response, in which he acted fast and decisively: screw US and screw ukraine.
Putin is the most intelligent and smart world leader today. If not Putin, the state of the world would have been in a very pity state today, with Ukraine becoming the only Fascist state in the world.
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