Barak apologizes for Arab deaths in October 2000 protests
Ynet, Associated Press
Published: 23.07.19, 17:11
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1. Barak's So. Lebanon retreat source of all Lebanon problems
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.23.19)
Barak, and his fellow leftist moron politicians, should be help criminally and civilly liable for the disastrous South Lebanon retreat, which is the root cause of ALL our problems with Hezbullah, wars, terror and rockets from Lebanon. Behind virtually ALL of Israel's major problems, lie the insane Israeli retreats and concessions to "Palestinians" which caused them. The solution is to reverse EVERY single cursed Israeli retreat and concession.
2. The return of the idiots.
Ben Adam ,   Vancouver   (07.23.19)
Barak returning to government would be like that A-- H--- Obama returning. A useless following a useless.
3. Nuts
Lee ,   LA   (07.23.19)
Barak out to apologize for allowing the slaughter of Jews on busses, on his watch. After the 1st bombing war should have been declared on the PLO and the arab population transferred to Jordan. Barak should apologize to Jews.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (07.23.19)
Never explain ,never apologize ."
5. A “come back”?! Like, in what parallel reality? This man
knows no shame.
The faster he disappears from our public sphere, the better for all of us,
Right now he’s like a bloody bad penny.....
OLEG ,   FL   (07.23.19)
7. Really??!! NOW Arabs will vote for you, in droves...?????!!!
8. Like we need more proof he's totally deranged, apparently
always was !?
We got off lucky, with him being our PM.....just think of the real damage he could've caused (not that he didn't!)
9. We ***ALL*** knew all along, that Barak is a SCUMBAG !!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.24.19)
He is a TRAITOR.
10. Good thing about him: he's taking the rest of Left down...!
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