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House bill to oppose boycott of Israel passes with bipartisan support
Published: 24.07.19, 09:57
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1. A signed piece of paper in anyone's hand never really hurt
(or meant much) to anyone willing to change his mind later on....
So yeah, knock yourselves out, sign as many resolutions/bills as you possibly can....
It's a virtual cottage industry.
"Commissions" are even better.... :-)))
2. The mix of Islamists and marxists lose no matter what
C   (07.24.19)
the united state is a rational country and it cannot be blackmailed by
a few so called progressives, namely marxist mixed with marxists.

it is risible that these women, calling themselves women of colour,
think that they can defeat the duly elected president of the united
states and his many millions of supporters.

the press has abdicated its role of the fourth estate, and elites, mostly
the academics want to transform the country without the permission
of the people.
all of this will end up very badly.
in france, people have been rioting since mid november, both the
far right and the far left.
3. Soon "Leftism" will be a high crime against humanity!
4. there is hope left for the united states
C   (07.25.19)
huge support for israel.
5. "Squad" member Ayanna Pressley from Boston voted in favor
Rafi ,   US   (07.27.19)
interesting break with her colleagues...
6. Deceive,betray,don`t worry,be happy.
PermReader   (11.01.19)
False post of the anti-israel open policy of American Dems. Bernie Sanders,presidential candidate offered ricently to give Hamas the Israel` aid. The self-betrayal of leftist Jews is the grim feature of today1s reality.
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