Abbas calls for urgent meeting to discuss measures against Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 24.07.19, 11:40
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1. Why does Israel support our mortal foes?
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.19)
I must ask the question no other citizen of any other state, in human history, has ever needed to ask: Why does Israel support our mortal foes? Why do we madly shower them with food, money, electricity, work permits, materials, protection and much more? If enough people asked this question, Israel's insane support for "Palestinians" (who'd love to mass murder us all and steal our sole tiny Homeland) will end.
2. "..ceasing cooperation with Israel.." What a joke.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.24.19)
Abbas and ilk have no real 'cooperation' with Israel and never had any. The proof of this is that Israelis still get stabbed to death and run over by Arabs almost every week somewhere in the country.

And what does Abbas do? Makes more veiled threats, as he's always done.

He's so tiring. Knock down the illegal buildings, but if Arab property is rendered useless, Israel must pay the going price for eminent-domaining the parcel. It's only fair.

3. Bahrain was to set stage for political talks not end game.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.24.19)
Palestinian leaders start whining before they even know what they are talking about. No one said talks would be about money and nothing else but in true tradition Palestinians were already complaining and now plotting. It's true that anything short of the destruction of Israel is probably not good enough for Palestinians but their unwillingness to listen before there was even a plan announced shows what dumbasses the leaders are.
4. Just remind me again: who’s this Arab dude....?????!!!
FO ,   Belgium   (07.24.19)
With an unbelievable catastrophic "Hasbara", unable, unwilling to put on the table Israel's irrevocable rights in International Law, based on the 1919 Peace Conference in Paris, the 1920 San Remo Conference, and the "Mandate for Palestine" voted unanimously by all the 51 members of the League of Nations in 1922, Israel could indeed be taken by surprise by the PLO next move! Did the outgoing Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked make an effort to remedy to this situation? No!
6. Dirty bombs
Ivan S. ,   Moscow, Russia   (07.24.19)
Once a major told me the case of a rebel soldier who, to show the great contempt he had for his sergeant, every time the company was formed and everybody was in a firm position, with great rumble, he used to defecate in his own pants, provoking the hysteria and general chaos.

I suggest it because I believe that the only thing left for Arabs to achieve independence is to proclaim a hygienic Intifada.
7. Praying to Judah the apostle
Judah Ish Kerioth ,   Tzefat - Israel   (07.25.19)
Thanks to G-d and the wonderful Torah, the inexhaustible resilience of the Jews and the always invaluable American help, the so called Palestinian Cause has become a living dead creeping into nowhere in eternal darkness.

Their recurrent menaces to sue Israel before the ICJ are already as ridiculous as threatening university students with the coming of the Sack Man.

Israel must continue its shining path and keep on building its welfare State without worrying little or much about these tribes, which it must observe with distant indifference. With each passing day, they are ceasing to be a Jewish problem to become an anguishing burden on the nations, something they never thought of when they decided to create the most Losing Cause on earth.

At this crucial point, and knowing that Christians believe that apostle Judah Thaddeus is the patron of impossible and desperate causes, I recommend them to adore him with utmost devotion.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.02.19)
full old angry tribbes that are ready to cut each others' throat over religious myths.
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