Iran claims U.S., Israel assassinated head of IAEA
Published: 24.07.19, 10:58
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1. My sources tell me that Iran assassinated Amano because he
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.24.19)
uncovered non-compliance with nuclear deal as bad as the deal was
2. Truth or dare
Sure, and the Egyptian Foreign Minister accused Mossad of training sharks to attack tourists. With frckin laser beams...
3. Why does Ynet provide a platform for Iranian lies, taqiyya,
Jake   (07.24.19)
and propaganda?
4. Of course we did! Anyone on this God's Green Planet lives&
dies by the grace of our glorious Mossad !!!!!
(the Americans only THINK they run the show)
5. Iran makes many claims, all of them taqqya and propaganda
C   (07.24.19)
israel does not assassinate foreign diplomats on foreign soil, unlike
the genocidal shia terror regime.
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