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Is Kushner's latest Mideast trip a waste of time?
The Media Line
Published: 26.07.19, 19:53
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1. I dont think it was/is a waste of time because......
Alan ,   SA   (07.26.19)
the wider Middle East +Gulf States +Saudi +Egypt +Morocco etc can now understand that Pals will never conclude a peace with Israel,no matter how many trillions USA and these states themselves offer as incentives. These states are getting fed up with Pals intransigence. They have their own needs which surpass the Pals games-. Iran, population growth, scientific needs
Saudi witnessed the bad reception given to journalist/blogger at Al Aksa.... not popular behaviour .for the Saudis. These countries might continue to pay lip service to Pals but itheir patience is fast fading
So all in all not a waste of time. WAs and remains a good idea!
2. What deal? Kurshner and Greenblat have no vision. Only greed
3. Waste of time
sheik rattle & roll ,   usa   (07.26.19)
Read my words. There will be no peace in the middle east as long as Bibi is in power or generations after him. He is the great manipulator. Kushner is as dumb as Trump for thinking for one second there will be peace or a discussion of peace . The Pals want east Jerusalem, The Israeli's will not part with it. and to the best of my knowledge no one is talking. so how can there be peace? In other words I have a better chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket of seeing peace in the middle east in my life time and I am still young.
4. All Pal. meetings present+past are waste of time+money
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.26.19)
The West is taking it for granted that Palestinians accept a Jewish state and that is ludicrous. Palestinians are just participating for free concessions, money and diplomatic support. Unbelievable that Western diplomats are this stupid for so long.
5. Kushner thinks the Middle East is a New Jersey fire sale!
Kushner and Greenblat are only interested in lining their pockets with money.
Both of them are a waste of time.
oleg ,   fl   (07.27.19)
7. Stop wasting time. Start solving the problem
Bill ,   Skokie   (07.27.19)
The problem will be solved when each side decides
To love his neighbor. The USA has suffered some of the same issues, however they are overcome by the law of the land that is resolute in our constitution and the upholding of those laws. What is needed is a constitution that guarantees the rights and liberties of all people who live between the Jordan river and the mederteranian sea. Israeli is the nation state of the Hebrew people! However there
Is a large minority indigenous population that also resides there but have no rights or unequal rights. Until the rights of all are equal and guaranteed there will be no peace. Two states is a bad idea to solve the problem. One state with a good constitution that addresses the concerns and rights of all is the answer.
8. This ain't "the troubles" of Northern Ireland, this is Islam
vs Jews (and further down the road: the world as whole)
This is faith sanctioned hate & unstoppable drive to kill, rape and maim the "infidels".
9. Not if you collect Frequent Flyer mileage!
10. The Art of the Deal it is not
Darian ,   Cali-US   (07.28.19)
In order to make a deal, you need at least 2 parties-Kushner
barely has one.
Then there’s the sleazy hype/tease aspect of not putting the “deal” on
the table like a used car dealer tactic.
In order to make a deal you have to disclose the terms of the
It’s like telling you, “if you accept my terms, I’ll give you a million dollars”.
“What do I have to do?”.
“I can’t tell you right now”.
That is a loser deal and total bs.
11. The only "deal' serious enough: letting Abu Adolf live (in
Amman or any other Arab territory of his choice)
12. The Palestinians
this human   (07.28.19)
are prisoners of the ideological war of their leaders in multiple countries. Give them money and a way to defend their families and there will be peace.
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