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Mueller says he did not exonerate Trump, U.S. policy precluded charges
Published: 24.07.19, 20:12
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1. America is fucking done with Mueller & his nothing report
Cameron   (07.25.19)
2 years of that tired nonsense that amounted to zip.

We have walked away from that dead horse.
2. My thoughts on the Mueller testimony
Proud Israeli   (07.24.19)
I think Mueller is a decent and honourable man. He did his best to provide the investigation results without bias. He is a republican and has no reason to attack Trump falsely. I think Trump himself is innocent as Mueller found but did try to obstruct justice although failed at obstructing which keeps him safe from facing the legal system.

The democrats are being too extreme to attempt impeachment as it won't pass the Senate. I think both parties should get the people to decide if Trump stays or goes in the next election. And both parties shouldn't blame a man like Mueller who served his country all his life for anything. He did his job accurately.
3. Exoneration is never used legally what lies and fake news.
Innocent unless proven otherwise is not even stated in most legal forums as its obvious.
Muller has no jurisdiction to judge.
Illegal abuse of FISA.
Perjury bu mifsud, stroke, Kerry, comey, Brennan, Clinton non in jail?
30,000 email destroyed, collusion with Russia, bleaching supenad hard drives, no prosecution?
So much more.
Maybe write about that.

What we learn is mifsud, Simpson, stroke, ore, Brennan, comey, Clinton, Obama, Kerry, and many more worked with Simpson and other foreign agents or companies to create a false dosier on trump. They used this DNC document to push a political agenda.

Used the media including NYT and Wp to justify spying on numerous US citizens, using spies, honey traps, lies and illegal spying all known to the Obama administration.

Go to judicial watch and read the actual documents proving most of this.

Why are you lying and supporting those hostile yto Israel??? This the other question???
4. Trump is a long-time corrupt NYC real estate con-man who
Rafi ,   US   (07.25.19)
bullshitted his way into the Presidency...

There's nothing complicated: it's all about him & his family's fortune. He could care less about the US, its Constitution, or its foreign policy.

At the same time, Representatives Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi care about the US, its people, its well-being - and its future. By definition they are true PATRIOTS.

History will bear all this out - guaranteed.

But G-d help the US in the meantime!

5. The insanity of Dems is reaching new heights. Incredible!
6. We all saw& understood this for what it was: A much bigger,
(since everything in America is bigger:-) "only not Bibi" witch hunt, that has the aim of unseating a duly elected President.
Unheard of.
Will be punished.
7. Obvious that M didnt write anything of report .Weissman did
Alan ,   SA   (07.25.19)
Meuller looked like he has some memory and concentration problems of old age
8. I hope Dems are on the road to their own destruction
Alan   (07.25.19)
9. Such a ignoble end to a distinguished service. Dem-SOBS
did it to him (Mueller)!
10. Mueller didn't exonerate Trump.
tiki ,   belgium   (07.25.19)
It wasn't his job do do so.
Better isn't in his mandate to exonerate anyone.

The hearings were a game of yes/no in which Mueller sticked to his own written scenario and not answering questions from neither pathetic Democrats & satisfied Republicans for whom no answers on relevant questions was a win.
11. Democrats responsible for hoax should do serious jail time
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.25.19)
The anti-Trump hoax is 100% the product of the Democrat's refusal to accept that Trump beat their drunken old hag, despite the fact they rigged the election for Clinton. Every Democrat responsible for this hoax should do serious jail time. Hope Attorney General Barr brings the scum to justice.
12. Finally figured out Reuters
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (07.25.19)
Crew of Mad Magazine were migrating to Reuters
13. staked all their political capital on this empty report
Cameron   (07.26.19)
Catastrophic error in Dem thinking & strategizing.

Now they roll into 2020 with no real candidate or policy as an alternative to rival Trump in the coming contest for the grand prize.

They blew it.
14. Google ready to hijack election project veritas undercover.
15. Mueller refused to answer questions
C   (07.28.19)
most importantly, mueller refused to say what was the legal underpinnings
of this so called investigation. he refused to state what was the predicate.

this is the same as refusing to state whether there was probable cause.
16. Thanks for exonerating Trump for everything
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.28.19)
Your 500 page report went nowhere!
17. It's a shame that YNET will not bring up Trumps racism
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