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U.S. sanctions squeeze Iran middle class, upend housing sector
Associated Press
Published: 27.07.19, 14:19
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1. They made their choice
Jake ,   Dallas   (07.27.19)
They would rather hate Jews and try to kill them instead of having s nice life, food, education etc. they made their choice. I hope they are enjoying it.

By the way fellow Jewish people your hero Obama allowed them to have both a nice life and Jew killing.
It’s Trump who said enough of this. Try and show a bit of gratitude every once in a while, instead of calling Trump and antisemite

2. It is tolerable because Iranians don't rise in bloody rebell
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.27.19)
3. barak, livni, lapid and peretz
ray   (07.27.19)
notwithstanding the security imperative of the holocaust(Jews controllin their own security) and the lessons of Oslo, half of the political establishment wants to forgo defensible lines and repeat Oslo.

barak, among the worst pms ever in Israel says he will ensure security no matter the withdrawal lines-bullsht. we saw his pathetic concessions and lack of response.

livni says lets withdraw and then we will worry about it.

lapid, a disciple of olmert and a security ignoramus, will copy olmert's sellout plan.

gantz and yaalon were anemic in the prior gaza war.

and bibi says he wants quiet. bibi has never launched a preemptive or imaginative counterattack in all of his time.

the media shuns bennett who could preempt or counterattack. and of course did not follow lieberman's plan to smash hamas. mind you, lieberman cannot be trusted as one day he is kerry, the next day sharon all wrapped in putin dictator mold.

so Israel is in trouble whoever it chooses. it looks like Judeans( a better term than Jews) will go down the toilet once again unless it starts picking real fighting jewish patriots.

arabs want the whole of israel for themselves, they are direct about it at least hamas is.

bibi may win the election but in the end, without a doubt he will be going to jail.
4. above
moishe   (07.28.19)
it's wake up time in Iran. Allah helps those that help themselves.
5. HL Iran's funds foreign terror instead of citizens......
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