All Israeli teens in Cyprus rape case freed as British accuser arrested
Rotem Elizera
Published: 28.07.19, 10:46
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1. victim of rape being further victimized
Gary   (07.28.19)
There was a gang rape. the victim is being persecuted and it is being covered up. I have no doubt about that.
2. kippa wearing..
hila ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.19)
3. And you were saying....???
4. UK media relished this story. Only negative Israeli stories.
UK Yahudi   (07.28.19)
5. Daily Mail spent week running this nasty story.
6. Sex,,,
Boju ,   Orleans   (07.28.19)
Crackers and Crime.
7. Lesson for Young Men
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.28.19)
If you're going to Sodom, don't be surprised when you get "stabbed in the back". To think, at least one of these men had sex with this woman without a condom. He/they may as well have had sex with the other three men she was with before them. I hope the schools in Israel use this a a good example to teach young men not to go to such party places and not to be such pigs. These places are trouble magnets for young, foolish, naive boys, to say it mildly. Them filming it was disgusting, however, it also proved to be their salvation. Draw your own conclusions on that, alone. Best just to avoid such situations in the first place is my take.
8. Israel should learn to punish false complaints too
Mario ,   Haifa   (07.28.19)
Israel openly allows and enforces false complaints of this type. This should be a lesson for Israeli judges and prosecutors.
9. I'm so happy they are innocent
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.19)
This girl is clearly a tramp and a lowlife - or she was paid by Jeremy Corbyn LOL
10. I still believe the boys did it
Gary Selikow   (07.28.19)
Many women retract because they are pressurised by police. Because of the trauma they are easily manipulated into saying and doing things to get police off their backs
11. Lessons for everyone.
Lessons Israeli men need to learn:
1. Group sex with a non-Jewish woman is never a good idea.
2. Group sex with a Jewish woman is never a good idea.
3. Don't do to a non-Jewish woman what you wouldn't want done to your mother or sister.
4. Take responsibility for your actions and remember that your actions could cause damage to yourself, to your parents and to the State of Israel.
Lessons female British Holidaymakers and for that matter all females need to learn:
1. Group sex with strangers is never a good idea.
2. Lying about group sex and calling rape is never a good idea.
3. Lying about group sex and calling rape makes it more difficult for men and women who are really and truly raped. It is a selfish action to do such a thing.
12. to the mother of one of the alleged perpetrators...
the one who has been going on and on about her son's trauma on the radio.

Do us all a favor and shut up! Your son went to Cyprus to party. He may or may not have had sex with the British holidaymaker. If he is traumatized it is his own fault!
Clearly when he decided to be present in a room where people were having group sex he took enough responsibility to stay there.
Clearly you are not up to date on your son's activities.
Clearly you didn't educate him well.
Clearly your son is not a "Tallis that is all blue"
Clearly you are not a good parent because you are busy not only condoning his activities and actions you are also busy blaming the entire nation for your failings as a parent.

Do us all a favor...SHUT UP!
13. The Israeli young men who had consensual group sex...
with a non-Jewish British young woman are neither well-behaved nor good!

...and why is it that Israeli men when charged with a crime automatically put a kippah on their heads? Who do they think they are fooling?!
14. They should cover their genitals with those Kippahs...
...that way they might remember to keep the zippers on their trousers zipped up tight!
15. #MeToo empty-headed mob mentality
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (07.28.19)
Kavanaugh lynching wasn't enough to dissuade #MeToo How much will it take for the empty-headed female (and male hangers-on) mob-mentality #MeToo humanzee (mushroom, lynchers and ABCTV's "View" audience to recognize and defer to the countless well-educated, independent self-thinking model of today's women?

It's not difficult, just keep your mouth and typing fingers zipped from "assuming" and lynching and wait until reliable information becomes available instead of showing off an empty head based on tabloid sensationalism.
16. Clear: Cyprus Police was bribed; and WHY suddenly kippahs???
TheWall   (07.28.19)
typical Israeli criminals' tradition of slapping a kippah on a head when in court.
It is absolutely clear, that the Cyprus Police is as corrupted as Israeli police. Bribes are welcome.
17. The British love to hurl false accusations at Israelis
Arie   (07.28.19)
The BBC and other British media outlets own their readers and listeners some updates about the case. I hope that they have enough integrity to do so.
18. @hila
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.19)
19. SOP for every lowlife Israeli is to show up in court
Al   (07.28.19)
Wearing a kippa.

Somehow or other this is supposed to repell bad spirits.

The Israeli jew has gone from that generation that survived Auschwitz and liberated Israel to a generation of mindless superstitious red string wearing idiots.

Wow how you have sunken.

20. Dont believe
Gill ,   London   (07.28.19)
Sorry I do not believe the Israelis.
21. Gang rape?
Yael Simckes ,   Elazar   (07.29.19)
I worked with victims of rape in Philadelphia in the 1980's. You actually have to have evidence in order to convict a rapist. Think whwhat you want. No evidence, or to the contrary? Why is this so political? The kids who had consensual sex with her were idiots, but not rapists. And neither were all the others,who had nothing to do with it.
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