United Right head plans to intervene in expulsion of Israeli-born children of foreign workers
Amir Alon
Published: 28.07.19, 10:06
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1. Peretz won't win votes with this policy
zionist forever   (07.28.19)
Unfortunately for Peretz the mgrants do not have the vote and most Israelis support the deportations even on the left.

Fact is if we let them stay then it will be an open door policy to anybody who wants to come to Israel and stay in Israel for good probably even eventually ganing citizenship.

Come to Israel either illegally or legally on whats supposed to be a short term visa and as soon as you get here have a child and when the governent wants to deport you then you say LOOK I HAVE A CHILD BORN IN ISRAEL YOU CANNOT DEPORT ME.
The kids will start new lives in their parents country of origin just the same way the children of olim do when they move from the country they were botn and raised in and are taken to Israel, children soon adapt to new surroundings.

2. That's how you do it. Enter/stay illegally& get knocked up!
3. Then let's leave all the Etreans here as well
Gracey ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.19)
At least they came to escape violence and murder - these women came for an easier life - plus it explicitly says that if they get pregnant here - they forfeit their visa. They don't pay tax either. Time to go home.
4. But Peretz is for expulsion of indigenous Palestinians
Khalid ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.19)
5. The typical racist Israeli policy in action...
Oliver ,   Eilat   (07.28.19)
6. Israeli/Filipino children
Abi Schatz ,   Ashkelon   (07.28.19)
Please remember....the Philippines were one of the very few who gave shelter to refugee Jews during WW2. It was a time of great suffering for the Filipinos, yet they took Jews in ...even those expelled by the U.S.of A.
Is it so hard to give a little kindness to children who are citizens, according to the law, and whose parents do work looking after Israeli aged and infirm? Work that our own children don't want to do.
Perhaps the hundreds of thousands of children of Israeli parents born in America and Canada should be expelled and sent back to Israel.
Come on people, have a heart. I urge you to watch 'Rescue in the Philippines' on youtube. We must also show gratitude.
7. above
moishe   (07.28.19)
is Israel a Jewish state like other Moslem states are?
there is always a tougher standard for Jews in many ways.
8. Sudden scoring of political points, not real concern or wish
to solve a real problem.
These cases must be either treated "en bloc", or looked into on particular case by case level.
9. No state is forever, neither is israel.One day israel.....
TheWall   (07.30.19)
...a day will come when israel will need happened many many times to Jews, and is going to happen again. REMEMBER that !!!
10. Law should guarantee citizenship to ANYbody born in Israel
ironbutterfly   (08.01.19)
This is how a logical normal human law works.
It works in Canada, in US and many other countries.
Fact is simple: Israel invites people from the Philippines to work and live in Israel for 5 years. If a country INVITES foreigners to work and live there, then it should take very good care of them during their stay and what happens after they stay. But Israel does NOT care while these people in Israel. They're on their own.
11. Bye now
Gracey ,   Israel   (08.01.19)
They all need to go straight back! They abused the system here, they didn't pay tax and got themselves knocked up - EVEN knowing that their work visas will be revoked if they did so - but they didn't seem to care. Too bad! See ya - off you go!
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