UK woman made up rape story after one Israeli refused to have sex with her, says lawyer
Ynet reporters
Published: 29.07.19, 11:53
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1. Well, at least one of these young men...
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.29.19)
had the sense not to engage with her. What part of "Warning...skanky, trouble-magnet and unstable person!" did the others not see here when she offered to have sex with a multitude of men at one go? You young 'uns ought to draw a serious life lesson from this episode, do not enage with promiscuous drunk people in "party towns", especially ones in foreign countries. Thank goodness for DNA evidence and cell phones. In an earlier times, these men would have been guilty by word alone.
2. That’s why innocent until proven guilty
David ,   New york   (07.29.19)
Because stuff like this happens
3. Y r details of ongoing investigation in newspaper?
Is this part of the campaign to make these boys pure and clean again?
You know like the campaign in which all of them put on white kippot!
Why is it that a certain ethnic group of Israelis ALWAYS dons a kippah when they are arrested?
4. Secular European "culture" destroying Israel.
Jake   (07.29.19)
European culture promoting every kind of sexual depravity, pushed into Israel via mass media. Violent dehumanizing pornography in particular, preying on insecure young men & women, should be banned in every civilized country. These teenagers gave Israel a black eye with their depravity. For shame!
5. Self hating Israelis focus on the unhealthy appetites of our
young men, instead of realizing, these guys could've easily be doing real jail time!
In my book THAT crime (false witness) trumps any sanctimonious eye-rolling!!!!
6. 2 questions:why kippahs in court? Why they covered faces????
TheWall   (07.30.19)
All is lies.
7. Holier than thou
See what goes on with the haredim in Uman before casting stones, Mr Morality!
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