Israel kicks off operation to deport foreign workers, children
Amir Alon
Published: 29.07.19, 15:41
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1. Expelling illegals
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.29.19)
2. Mother also didn't speak Hebrew, unfamiliar with culture
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.29.19)
when coming to Israel but found a way to accommodate.

The same will happen with their children upon returning Philippines and much faster because they have relatives there and at least partially know the language, food and so on.
3. Yep! Time to go home
Gracey ,   Israel   (07.29.19)
They came here to work to earn money - they were told their work permits would be cancelled if they got pregnant - but they didn't care and went ahead and got pregnant (what type of people do that) - none of them pay tax - it's everyone else who is paying for their children to go to school. There is NO unrest, civil war of anything else in the Philippines now - they are not being sent back to a slaughter house. Time to go home - all of them - we have enough problems here - without them adding to it.
4. No Teudat Yahadut no Israel for you.
NYC   (07.29.19)
Maybe they should be tested genetically to see if they are Jewish. who knows they could be part of the lost tribes, of that's fictional bs.
5. And the usual circus starts all over again, before elections
to be sure!
Everybody& his sister is showing fake concern.
They are illegals and they have a HOME!!!
Having babies is no excuse.
Jews from all over are coming HOME, so can they, for Pete's sake!!!!
6. We have jus sanguinis,
t   (07.29.19)
not jus soli. And BTW not a single Far-Eastern, Asian or African country has jus soli. More than that, the native South-Africans and South-Rodesians of Bushmen ancestry decried the jus soli rights of the South-Africans and South-Rodesians natives with the European ancestry.
7. One day Jews will be asking for help from PHILIPPINES
TheWall   (07.30.19)
A day will come in the not so far future when Israelis will be asking for help from great nation of Philippines. I hope Philippinos will do what they have to do - to REFUSE.
8. I'd gladly kick in the teeth of these cynical politicians,
trying to score points at the expense of our gullible citizens.
What is this nonsense?!
these people (families) have a perfectly functioning HOME/COUNTRY to come back to.
What's their problem, standard of living not high enough?
Tough luck: go back, engage in politics/social activism and change it for the better!!!!
We did it here!
9. Showing faces of sad children is akin to politicians kissing
babies & shaking hands of the elderly/getting down with the "people" just ahead of elections!
It's a cynical rouse and exploitation of very touchy-feely subject.
Reality though is much simpler and objective: there's a law and there're people trespassing.
End of story (that never was)
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