UNRWA report: Corruption and abuse of power at highest levels
Published: 29.07.19, 16:41
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1. EU tax money for UNWRA corruption & sex abuse......LOL!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.29.19)
But it must be Israel's fault for it's all because of the 'occupation'!

Now let's see how much money the EU dummies keep on sending.
2. Palestinians humanitarian issues...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.30.19)
after all these years of having to bear the brunt of the salvos of criticism from UNHR, UNCHR, Muslim countries and world countries, the root of the problem lies with UNRWA that Guterres has been trying to cover. Making Guterres a major part of the scandal who is also affiliated to the Palestinians who has also shown to be anti Israel bias. Guterres should be given a jail sentence with whipping to deter anymore of such major abuse of power.
3. They are NOT 'refugees'
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.29.19)
They are simply residents living in villages, towns and cities. If their government has chosen to let them rot on the vine, that's an internal problem that only the Arabs can resolve.

A charity like Americares would be a much better provider and administrator of the billions of dollars that flow to this corrupt organization.

You need to ask yourself, 'why does the UN keep these people as their private property?'

Is it to ensure a constant flow of funds that can be skimmed by many corrupt administrators along the entire chain of command? (And who knows who else in the UN???)

Sure looks like it to me.
4. On the other hand....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.30.19)
Guterres could be just cosying up to some Palestinian girls to release his pent up frustration of not finding a European lady as a soul mate. And the Palestinian girls feel the same way. Not a big deal. LOL
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