Right-wing parties unite under Shaked
Moran Azoulay
Published: 29.07.19, 18:03
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1. Congratulations to all but would better to join under Likud
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.30.19)
2. Waste
Ben   (07.29.19)
A sad waste of potential. The right wing block will lose at least 7 seats because of this mistake. Zehut and oztma won't be in coalition and probably won't pass the voter threshold. Just another party to be yes men to netanyahu
3. confederates of Jewish fascism
kms ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.19)
4. Shaked
Ora   (07.29.19)
Shaked is a lady of valor
We need more of her kind in Israely politics
5. Should work (on paper). Now it's up to the sleazy Barak to
muster once again, the votes of our enemy from within: the Arabs.
On the other hand, our Left sometimes even surpasses Muslim aversion for all things Jewish, so what am I complaining about?!
6. This time we must obliterate the Left. Although it's never
good for any nation to establish one-trick-pony monopoly on government, in our case it is paramount, that the ideas eschewed by the leftist persuasion be removed from our daily conversation.
We're living in much too dangerous times& neighborhood to be horsing around with the ridiculous notions of "peace" / Two State Solutions peddled by the faithful.
Unfortunately their lingo has crept into Likud's vocabulary as well...
7. Wonderful, I love it !!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.29.19)
I love her !!!!
8. vote right wing merger
manny   (07.29.19)
hopefully, voters will give right merged grouping many seats, enough to stop netanyahu from pursuing Oslo 2.

he already talks about building permits in area c for adversaries. he is so chicken of trump, that he wants to make concession before the ink is dry. he cannot stand up to pressure.

voters should also be reminded that they did not bloody well vote for his wife sara. if she is involved in govt decisions, she should stay the hell out of it.

that gantz, lapid and barak are worse is a given. the thing to do is to give Bennett a huge boost through the merged party so he could be defense minister. once bibi is indicted, he could take over as pm.

bibi is a pacifist with no guts. he always runs to putin and trump. he has no confidence in himself, zero.
9. cynical gutless netanyahu
ray   (07.30.19)
Bbecause Lieberman will not support likud and netanyahu who he saw up close and personal, bibi has to look elsewhere for support. So he raises the idea of arab housing in Judea and Samaria to attract the potential 6 seats of
the labour party.He figures this will bring him over 60 without Lieberman.

forget about the dangers to Israel of this precedent ie giving up parts of area c, bibi wants to stay out of jail and will sacrifice the state to save his own hide.

the big takeaway is that he is for himself and not Israel. he senses he may be headed to jail. allegedly, you don't accept gifts of value non stop.
likud should have booted him out long ago for his cowardice vis a vis hamas. except that some in likud are cowards like him especially shetinitz, katz, elkin, erdan and hanegbi.

bibi, a brilliant political operator is one gutless pm!
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