Report: Israeli warplanes hit Iranian targets in Iraq
Daniel Salami
Published: 30.07.19, 09:33
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1. If true - thumbs up, Bibi !
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.30.19)
2. Monsieur
Jeff Friedberg ,   Santa Fe   (07.30.19)
Could not have happened.

Iranians be all peaceful and stuff.
3. A prelude of things to come...
Jish ,   Jish   (07.30.19)
Sometimes war is necessary. Now is such a time. The sooner we unleash on Iran, the sooner all their threats, pomposity, bombast (pun intended) and BS come to a screeching halt. The longer we push off hitting them directly, the longer their mouths run, the more confused the issue becomes, and the greater the possibility the US will return to a Democrat-led administration, in which case, Israel can kiss the Trump-era unconditional support goodbye.

Israel, Saudi and US need to build a coalition to take over once the mullahs fall and once that is established, absolutely tear the Shia theocracy apart. Good riddance to that filth, hello freedom!
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