Israel plans Palestinian housing construction in apparent gesture to U.S.
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.07.19, 12:50
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1. El Jefe (The Boss) has spoken!
The only question left to answer is:
Quien es El Jefe?
(Who is the Boss)
Kushner? Greenblat? Friedman? Mr. Sheldon Adelson? Netanyahu? Dr. Miriam Adelson? Trump? Putin?
2. U call anything Palestinian "terror" when u represent the
kms ,   Jerusalem   (07.30.19)
essence of terror and evil
3. public is sick of bibi and his bs
harold   (07.30.19)
if govt moves to the left, it will be due to bibi's endless maneuvering, his concessions to trump and wink to peretz, and his reported involvement of his wife in political decisions.

the public is sick of him and his one voted for her. he should tell her to mind her business.

Bennett is 10x the security person bibi is. netanyahu was a flop in all the Gaza wars. he is no more than a press spokesman.

most of likud sit on cabinet meetings like dumbbells nodding in agreement instead of saying no. they should have thrown bibi out long ago.

he is headed to jail and no force will prevent it.

vote for Bennett.
4. TOTAL insanity! Nobody else builds houses for their enemies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.30.19)
Imagine the WW II Allies building houses for the Nazis and Japanese. Try to imagine ANY other nation building houses for it's enemies. It is impossible even to imagine. Once again, Israel is embracing total insanity in our treatment of our mortal "Palestinian" foes. No other nation, in all of human history, has ever plumbed these depths of lunacy.
5. An unnecessary act of cruelty
Tsidon Fischer ,   Tiberias, Israel   (07.30.19)
So we are not going anywhere. This is like wandering the desert making circles.

Only when the Palestinians lose all hope of getting a state will it be when Israel and the Arabs achieve peace. Meanwhile, every week we will have to regret the loss of rabbis, women and children stabbed and shooted down.

There is no crueler thing than to perpetuate impossible hopes with deceitful gestures.

Israel needs men who speak words of truth, like Bennett. Netanyahu is like a vane spinning with the wind.
6. bibi wrote a book on security
arnie   (07.30.19)
This is a joke.Read what shapira wrote about bibi in the Gaza war report.

He is fearful, insecure, wants quiet at any price even if means concessions. Building 700 homes for PA sets a precedent. Of course bibi will say he had to do it because of trump. This is a commando?????

why the hell didn't the idf throw him out of the service? It is a troubling question. He inspires no confidence whatsoever. He is dumb as a doorknob when it comes to security.

If he typifies the idf, then israel is in huge trouble.He yaps but delivers next to nothing when it comes to deterrence.

The real soldier politician like Bennett are shunned by the media. No wonder the Jewish people have had so much trouble over the years.

how about building homes for Judeans in area A, you dumb schmuck bibi.
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