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Iranians say U.S. sanctions blocking access to needed medicine
Associated Press
Published: 03.08.19, 09:17
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1. They made their choice, live with it
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.03.19)
The Iranians prefer Jew hatred and terror to having medicine. They chose. Not working out for you? Too da*n bad.
2. Cry me a river. Ayatollahs stole and keep tens of $billions.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.19)
3. Iran Foreign Minister Zarif said US sanctions have no impact
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.19)
4. Sanctions or Corruption?
yadan ,   World   (08.03.19)
The areticle has mistaken IRI corruption with sanctions as the cause. Under the international law sanctions do not apply to food and medicine. All IRI organizations who are supposed to import medicine are too busy importing prohibited items for nuclear weapons. Actually no one know what happened to the money that was appropriated to import Medicine... lets focus on the real issues in Iran:

Iran’s execution of child offenders, which is absolutely prohibited under international law, has been called “deplorable” by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet.

Among the facts highlighted by CHRI:

Juvenile executions: Iran is the world leader in executions of juvenile offenders; at least 7 were executed in 2018 and over 90 are currently on death row.
Child marriage: Girls can be married at age 13, younger with father and judge’s consent. 17% of Iranian girls are married under age 18; 6% between ages 10 and 14.
Child labor: The UN says there are 3 million child laborers in Iran, Iranian NGOs put the number closer to 7 million. They are prevalent throughout the economy.
Child abuse: Inadequate laws fail to protect children from physical or sexual abuse.
Street children: There are an estimated 200,000 street children in Iran’s urban centers.
Migrant children: Over a million migrant children, primarily Afghan, are highly vulnerable to forced labor and trafficking for the sex trade and as child soldiers.
Children with disabilities: Often hid at home and unprotected from abuse, some 3 million children with disabilities lack access to critical services.
LGBTQ youth: Frequent victims of violence at home, schools and communities, LGBTQ youth are unable to seek protection due to the criminalization of same sex relations in Iran.

CHRI fact sheets present concise, easily accessible information on critical human rights issues, and include charts, graphs and other infographics that make complex issues quickly understandable.
5. The lies of Mullahs
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (08.04.19)
The constant lies , deception and corruption of the Mullahs are drawing blood life of the ordinary Iranian people. Iran's FM is saying US sanctions have no impact, is lying to the teeth. It's the people who are paying the price of these evil lunatic Mullahs. They are struggling to feed their families. Whilst the Mullahs live in splendour.
6. Why is ynet spreading Iranian propaganda again? Blocking?
They decide to spend 1,000,000,000s on terror and foreign invasions.
Maybe take care of your people and do your job.....
7. Iran prefers A Bomb to chemotherapy drugs for kids-thats it
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.19)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (08.06.19)
CIVILTY. The mullahs create and enjoy the sanctions in which they can sell products in the black market. The Iranians made their wrog choice when they decided to go for mullahs than a protective king. Now, they are blamign thei lame choice on others who want to protect themsleves aganst the mullahs. Iranian can ask Vladi why they need to suffer so much so his nation can live in wealth.
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