Israel approves plan to build 700 Palestinian homes in Area C
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.07.19, 22:36
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1. An unnecessary act of cruelty
Tsidon Fischer ,   Tiberias, Israel   (07.31.19)
So we are not going anywhere. This is like wandering the desert making circles.

Only when the Palestinians lose all hope of getting a state will it be when Israel and the Arabs achieve peace. Meanwhile, every week we will have to regret the loss of rabbis, women and children stabbed and shooted down.

There is no crueler thing than to perpetuate impossible hopes with deceitful gestures.

An old proverb says: A known demon is better than an unknown angel. Ok, except when the devil is absolutely unbearable.

Well, for me the time has come to prefer perfect fools like Lapid, Lieberman, Barak or Ya'alon, than to support just one more day the most cowardly man that has existed in the 6,000 years of Israel's history.

I call everyone, including the Haredim parties, yes, the Haredim parties, to throw Netanyahu and Likud into the Kidron Gorge.

Everybody against Netanyahu!
2. How does this help Israel ?
DSM ,   USA   (07.31.19)
Little by little Israel is allowing Arabs to chip away at the Jewish state. In years to come Israeli's will wake up and ask what was the previous generation thinking.
3. Classical Talmudic deception! 700 uncertain units for Pals,
kms ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.19)
in return for 7000 Certain settler units for Jewish supremacist settlers to be built on Palestinian land grabbed at gun point
4. very bad decision
C   (07.31.19)
more importantly, the people's opinion was not asked.
netanyahu is like merkel.
he has allowed area c to become part of an arab muslim territory.
what was he promised in return.
why did he believe?
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