Trump to launch peace conference with Arab leaders in Camp David
Nahum Barnea
Published: 31.07.19, 08:53
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1. Pals will never conclude peace with Israel.They only want
Alan ,   SA   (07.31.19)
Israel to be euthanized by UN organization in concert with EU and probably with vote hungry Democratic Socialist Party in the USA as soon as the Dems can get a President into the White House.(one day we will remember Obama as a friendly POTUS ). Only things Israel can do at this stage is to develop super power status and try to make peace with surrounding Arab States. Forget about Pals
2. Broken record
Boaz   (07.31.19)
67 borders with Jerusalem as its capital. Sounds like a scratch on a vinyl LP
3. Conference NOT about Peace, it's about making $$ 4 Trump
That's right.
This conference is so that Trump, Kushner and all of their friends can make big bucks off of the wealthy Arab nations.

read: Trump is using Israel as his calling card to make money for himself.
4. "The Arabs have never missed an opportunity to...
N.K. Shlomzion   (07.31.19)
...miss an opportunity" for peace, observed the late Mr. Abba Eban.
Sadly, all indications are that they Arabs will not prove Mr. Eban wrong, once again.

Yet, the EU is eager to push us, Jews, to hand over portions of our homeland to the Arabs by way of appeasing evil.

We say to the EU and its member states: Never Again!!
5. May be the cheap whores in SA & Emirates will attend, but it
kms ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.19)
won't help Netanyahu
6. Dying to hear it, so we'll be able to bury it with honors!!!
7. netanyahu and lapid
beryl   (07.31.19)
bibi is correct in saying that lapid, just like his mentor olmert, wants to expel 90,000 or more settlers from Judea. on the other hand, when bibi says israel cannot exist unless its acts wisely and responsibly, and that it is impossible to exist without real support from the usa, that tells you the whole problem.

israelis have to adopt we will exist regardless. They have to have a turtle like shell. Bibi is soft and weak as are most of the opposition. Most of them offer concessions ad nauseum with bibi behaving like them.

Its called guts like bielski who survived leading a thousand or more Jewish people in the forests eating tree bark.Many Israelis are too soft. others are hung up like general golan who is dangerous to the survival of Israel. philosophical obsession with comparing trends in israel to nazism is self- defeating. A general saying we will withdraw unilaterally to a border line not recognizing that Hamas will fire rockets or tunnel from vacated land as sure as the sun sets, this is an indictment of the insanity of general's golan's thinking.It is utter blindness. demographic threats are overstated and cannot be managed with Jordanian citizenship and emigration.

Israel has no room to offer concessions. It is the other way around.

in fact, Jordan holds 3 ancient israeli provinces of gad, reuben and menassah. Israel should claim them as a minimal recognition of the mandate.

ehud barak is passe, no one is interested in him save a few-he had some successes early but was a flop in security later eg- the marmora, the gaza war, the haphazard withdrawal from lebanon which in part encouraged hezbollah, being against the syrian raid in the beginning, doing almost zilch againt west bank terror especially the ramallh lynching. hopefully he does poorly in the upcoming elections.
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