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China's capital orders Arabic, Muslim symbols taken down
Published: 31.07.19, 10:24
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1. Islam met it's match in the Chinese state
Cameron   (07.31.19)
Peking rules over it's Muslim groups with an iron hand.

Zero tolerance for political & cultural dissent.
2. To Claudio Golzman:u justify fascism,your hatred is blinding
kms ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.19)
you. Many people said in the 1940s in reference to Hitler: finally we have someone who really understands the Jews! You are of the same ilk....only the target of your venom is Islam. I am translating your screed into Arabic and posting it widely
3. Israel should do the same.
Jake   (07.31.19)
We have our own Mosaic civilization, which needs time to reconstitute itself, free from foreign influence. Most especially European influence, which is the source of both Secular & Haredi extremism.
4. I wish we would do the same thing here in Israel!!!!
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (07.31.19)
We should learn from the Chinese how to deal with these trouble makers!!!!!
5. Only one sign allowed : ' MADE IN CHINA '
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED CHINA   (07.31.19)
6. Absolutely correct&fitting response to Islamic onslaught on
(other) civilizations!
7. China knows what’s good for it
David ,   New york   (08.01.19)
8. How low has humanity sunk: China becoming our Savior in the
face of Islamic worldwide Jihad!!!
Oy Vey.........
9. Always intriguing the Muslim silence over Chinese behavior
Cameron   (08.01.19)
Forever silent as a church mouse the Koran folk are around the subject of Muslims and the Chinese.

A seeming taboo topic that is not to be spoken of.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (08.01.19)
human right on this one. Let's see if the mullahs will stop selling oil to China over this. let's see if the idiot Saudis will stop sellling them oi tol. Let's see the if the dog in Istanbul will even bother to talk about this. Now, one Pali gets his wrist twisted while throwing stones and fire bombs and all of these hypocrites just go crazy in a second.
11. A test. Would you press a button with: "Muslims of the world
will not wake up tomorrow, absolutely painless"....???
Answer truly. Only in your heart.
If you want to, you can share it here.....
12. Taking Care of Business
New Canoe ,   Tel Aviv   (08.12.19)
The Chinese don't screw around with their enemies. We Jews have a lot to learn about how to run a 4000 year old civilization.
13. colored leftism
PermReader   (11.01.19)
Mad today`s leftists changed proletarian solidarity with poor Jews+Chineze communists for Jew-hate+Muslim-love, haha!
14. "islam" and China.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (12.30.19)
Both "islam" dictatorship, tyranny, crime and Chinese and other dictatorships are bad and disgusting for humankind .I already gave many examples of that and alternatives.
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