Party leaders race to win the Russian vote
Moran Azoulay
Published: 31.07.19, 12:53
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1. Lieberman is unstable, constantly changing positions
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.31.19)
2. How the hell can anyone be swayed, by these patently fake
exhibits of "affection" just before elections?!
It's like the empty declarations of support for Holocaust survivors on the day of Shoah!
3. Bibi is one world's leaders:Putin, Trump, Netanyahu.PERIOD.
TheWall   (07.31.19)
Netanyahu is a well respected prime minister and is considered one of the THREE most important international policies makers for the last 30 years.
These THREE are: Putin, Trump(Obama) and Netanyahu. Liberman unfortunately does NOT have the charisma of Bibi. He is good for any mistrial position except PM.
4. I FEEL that Yvette Lieberman should be punished severely at
the ballot box.
Something has gone "puff" and the man stands naked in front of everybody:
naked opportunist of high order!
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