Opinion  Sever Plocker
Israel's left-wing alliance needs to show some political savvy
Sever Plocker
Published: 31.07.19, 23:40
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1. The Flocker attempt to be a king maker is laughable
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.01.19)
2. Political savvy?
L Mayor ,   Penllyn   (08.01.19)
No, the lefty alliance needs to have tests done to determine if they have any brain activity, as, they haven`t learned anything from the national experiences of the last 52 years, as evidenced by their fixations on "land for peace" and the "2 state solution".
3. It's the same pathogen, as the one that has struck the Dems
in USA.
"Only Not Bibi" / Trump Derangement Syndrome are two names for the same psychiatric ailment of certain segments of population.
The roads taken to obtain the needed result (removing an elected leader from the "throne"/ aka: bloodless putsch) are similar in many ways.
Actually, in comparison to America, our strand seems much more benign...
Still, all these "alliances" are more unnatural than calf with two heads.
4. Just imagine that Troika wielding real power in the Land of
Cold sweat runs down my spine....
(and I do have European passport!),
Still, I think losing our country (again) by the very foolishness of relatively few would be a pity of unimaginable magnitude.
5. They need to show us their backs, as they walk out through
The Gates Of Oblivion!
6. There's no deal of the century
TC   (08.01.19)
Everyone in the WH knows it already.

This article is about nothing: Barak doesn't have to get worried about that.
7. If they had 'savvy', they wouldn't be leftists.
Jake   (08.01.19)
8. Leftist raison d'etre is to endanger Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.19)
All the evidence shows the only raison d'etre of the Israeli left is to turn Israel into a helpless 9 mile wide concentration camp, while prattling about peace. It appears to exist simply to endanger Israel.
9. Trump releasing his plan early will destroy Netanyahu
zionist forever   (08.03.19)
Rolling out the Trump plan early is the very last thing Netanyahu wants.
Assuming Trump is advocating creation of a Pals state then the right wing nationalist parties will no doubt refuse to join any government that agrees to create a Pals state so Netanyahu is forced to either tell Trump we are out which will not make Trump happy or he finds himself in a position where he cannot form a coalition.

The left say we will support this plan all the way which will give them at least a chance of forming a coalition.
If they cannot make up the numbers with leftist parties they can reach out to Likud putting Netanyahu where he either joins a leftist coalition as a junior partner or it’s possible or go for round 3 if Gantz cannot convince other right wing parties to join him.

As long as the Trump plan stays secret Netanyahu can still rely on the right and if later on the other right wing parties abandon Netanyahu then he can reach out to Gantz en oute him to join him to avoid another election and Gantz will he under pressure to do so because if he chooses an expensive election probably within a matter of months then the public will not forgive him because nobody wants a third election so Netanyahu stays PM and he has Gantz.
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