PA: Camp David summit is ploy to boost Netanyahu before elections
Elior Levy
Published: 31.07.19, 17:56
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1. Arab peace plan = Israel hands over the country to them
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.31.19)
Yet Arabs keep demanding peace. They keep threatening to withdraw their peace garbage plan as if it's something serious. They will wait forever if they think Israel will accept that rubbish. They are welcome to withdraw it.
2. arabs are correct
ed   (07.31.19)
bibi is simply scheming for a boost. he may yet eke out a 61 majority. He attacks gantz for previously planning to give up Jordan Valley which he now denies.

One problem remains-bibi is a bs artist. He has not annexed even 1 cm of Judea and Samaria-he has put a block on settlement building.To make matters worse, he now is set to build 700 arab homes in Judea to kiss trump's ass. he does this reflexively because he has no guts to tell trump no.As bright as he is, he is dumb in real world cause it sets a precedent for trump demanding further concessions.

you understand better why bibi's father allegedly said of bibi that he was no more than a press attache or foreign affairs man. bibi is a chicken, that is absolutely clear.
3. Should we experience sudden drop in summer temperatures, it
shall no doubt be attributed to "Bibi" trying to score points with the electorate...
Oh well.
You just cannot win against obsessive behavior.
Besides: what are friends for, if not to help each other???! :-))
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