IDF officer moderately wounded, 2 soldiers lightly hurt in pre-dawn Gaza attack
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, MatanTzuri
Published: 01.08.19, 08:29
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1. Only swap his body for ALL MIA and dead IsraelisNothing less
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.19)
2. Not moving fast enough on the walls.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.01.19)
You can't have an Israel fearful of fighting Gaza and a slow motion built wall.
3. The mission of the chosen
Lynda Saphirow ,   Chatham - Kent UK   (08.01.19)
My most spirited congratulations to the soldiers wounded in this operation, as well as to all their comrades, who, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, willingly assume the sacred duty to watch with zeal for the safety of the citizens of Israel.

Nothing more stupid than sending commandos to test the readiness of Israeli warriors, these chosen men who don't sleep for others can do it peacefully.
4. Crossed border at 2am so as to be early for Friday riots
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.19)
5. netanyahu and leiberman
marty   (08.03.19)
netanyahu who is a brilliant political operator may yet join up with Lieberman to get to 61 mks-anything for an immunity law.

on the other hand, Lieberman and Bennett were correct and the idf general staff wrong, including eisencott, and golan. Remove the cancer in Gaza once and for all, rather than deliver weak blows which accomplish next to nothing.

This is why bibi has eroded Israeli deterrence.So Lieberman may hold out for a veto on bibi in security deliberations since bibi is more of a pacifist than anything else. He like olmert buckles at the sight of blood.

When Lieberman confronts his choice of joining with gantz, he may decide otherwise. I would not sit with lapid and gantz under any circumstances.

If not choosing lieberman, bibi will try to enlist peretz and labor since they are going nowhere by themselves. Peretz may have his own ambitions of the presidency. Beyond that consideration, bibi has already announced concessions for arab building in area c, a dumb move but one which appeals to labor..

Should feiglin exceed the threshold, he will hold bibi almost hostage. Bibi
will have to pay a huge price to win feiglin's support-like cancelling any Arab construction in area c.
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