Anti-Semitism is flourishing once again, and it is terrifying
Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs
Published: 03.08.19, 22:32
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1. Europeans, ,in general will always hate Jews even
Alan ,   SA   (08.03.19)
more so with the influx of hordes of Islam. However, nil desperandum ,because ,that continent will be demographically drowned soon by their new Jehating reinforcements.
2. Dear Rabbi
Boaz   (08.04.19)
You are a Rabbi. Say Baruch Hashem and don't it upset you. According to foreign spy agencies we are sitting on 200 to 250 WHs. So this time around I want to see a real Euro man with real balls take n the Jewish people the way they did when we didn't have an army.
3. Apathy towards mainstream lies about Israel created this..
And most of the mainstream Jewish organizations have enabled this.

From the Adl, to the UK bod.

They ally with Jew haters, enable and even protect them from criticism.

This is a repeat of Jewish leaders actions and attitudes in the 1930s.

Time for Jews To take back these organizations from the elite traitors and start to fight for our rights and history before its too late..
4. Jews should have the courage to realize that Zionism is the
KMS ,   Jerusalem   (08.04.19)
biggest generator of anti-Semitism in our time
5. Let's be realistic: antisemitism is thousands of years old,
do you truly believe we've come to roads end and it'll just disappear?!
In Europe of all places?!
Sad, maybe unexpected at this point, but not that shocking....
6. Seems Europe is doomed to antisemitism, even if not domestic
-then at least imported!
Not until they realize the true evil that lies behind that particular form of racism, will they ever be free.
7. belgium
simon ,   new york   (08.04.19)
This columnist says loud ,what the majority of braincrashed dutch people think.

They hate the jews, they hate the black people.
The belgiums murdered more than 10.000.000 africans, in etnic cleansing, but they are mad because the jews dare to defend themselves against the muslim invaders.

8. dhr
ronald van der linde ,   binyamina   (08.03.19)
if the rabbi has to go back to 1976 to find examples of Dutch ignorance/anti
semitism I believe the situation for the jews is not bad at all in Holland...He forgot to mention the position of the Dutch government in 1973.
there always examples to find of antisemitism or discrimination against any other race or group or religion.to say that antisemitism flourish in Holland is totally incorrect and in paradox with other results of research , nationally and internationally...
saddening to hear such a bold statement.
9. No surprise !
DSM ,   USA   (08.04.19)
Europeans have been anti Jewish for centuries and now the addition on so many Muslims only makes it worse. But there is a surprise coming when the Muslim population grows, in the next 10 to 15 years, to the extent it will take over the governments and subject the native born Europeans to Sharia law.
10. Rabbis believe Jesus existed?
NYC   (08.05.19)
11. Kathleen Warren says world will never allow it.LOL LOL
Alan ,   SA   (08.09.19)
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