The conundrum of the cameras
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 01.08.19, 19:30
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1. because. word. Jews NEVER violate voting laws of Israel!
Which is to say that this business of filming inside the polling station (any polling station) is a slippery slope...start with Arab Polling Stations, soon enough they will reach Jewish Polling Stations!
Just wait for it.
2. why doesn't Likud just declare the dictatorship already?
After all we have moved from Democracy to Dictatocracy so the natural next step is dictatorship...just like in Turkey.
3. So afraid
Cecil ,   Eilat   (08.01.19)
The Likud is so afraid to lose power that they are willing to stup so low as to claim voting iregularities in the arab sector.
4. Install cameras in each Jewish station
TheWall   (08.02.19)
5. Doesn't matter what is your political affiliation...
Proud Israeli   (08.02.19)
This is simply wrong. First they do it for the Arab sector and whos next? This is israel, a democratic country that cares equally for its citizens. This is ridiculous and shows us very negatively to the world. How can we even justify it? Please stop bringing us bad press, don't we have enough of that?
6. Who is afraid of the truth
jan janssen ,   amsterdam   (08.02.19)
Everyone knows that there happened strange things.
The only question is how to monitor it.
So if they place camera's which are monitored by reliable people why not.
But yes do this in the whole country.
7. How do cameras make it "fascist/racist/anti-democratic"?!
All of you knee-jerk jerks are just pretending to be offended.
What a bunch of cretins.
What a pity you too have voting rights!
8. Thanks to technology, we can observe wildlife without really
interfering in its yeah, why not?!
9. Y should Arabs b only 1s 2 get cameras? Cameras 4 all!
That's right we all want cameras following us everywhere to be sure that every single one of our steps is kosher.
I think that Netanyahu should be the first to have a camera present at every single meeting, in his house, in his car, everywhere...that way he can more easily prove his innocence.
Cameras for all!
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