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U.S .to test new missile as arms treaty with Russia ends
Associated Press
Published: 03.08.19, 13:07
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1. Countryman is an Obama lackey and s weakling
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.19)
2. So much for collusion hoax. What will Dems impeach for now?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.19)
3. hope the 2 countries will completely annihilate one another
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.19)
Russia is a Nazi-minded country. America is a double Nazi-minded country...along with Britain, France, China and India. I think every country interested in self-preservation must have nuclear weapons in order to reach the MAD level
4. Only the One who is more than mere human
this human   (08.04.19)
will deliver humanity from our self-annhilation. The One that delivered us through Noah. Thanks be to you oh One who is more than mere human, One who delivered and preserved humanity through Noah.
5. There was a weak USSR ... it became to a strong Russia
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (08.05.19)
When Gorbachev agreed to eliminate LANDBASED short/mid-range rockets along with the USA - he "overlooked" the fact, that USA had sea and air based cruise missiles - that was the reason for US to agree to the factual one sided disarmament.
After downfall of USSR USA administration proclaimed The End of History - means: Now USA is the final and absolute Superpower, which does not need to obey to international laws, agreements - because it is The Super Power.

US began to expand NATO all the way to Russia's borders, started several wars contrary to international law and wisdom, began to reshape the world to it's best benefit.

And then, like a Phoenix from ashes Russia rose up, once again, and not only little bit, Russia rose rapidly - economically, and even more, militarily.

The moral from the story - don't ever underestimate Russia, and if G'd forbid, Jews or Israel once again will need help - Russia may be there, if we won't allow our memories to be deleted as to who freed us from Auschwitz, who contributed more than any other nation to defeat Hitler in WW2.

And yes, Stalin was a non elected, Georgian leader of the newly founded USSR, a dictator in the early days after revolution, as it often happened in history, who was dishonored by the very next leader after him. The socialistic society distanced it self from the Stalinist horrors, and in no way did the social idea die, nor does it provide any justification to minimize the role of USSR to defeat Hitler, and in no way does it give reason for us Jews to forget which role the Anglo-Saxonian leaders of UK and USA played in conjuring Hitler to become who he became.

For me, and for millions Jews denying of Holocaust is the same as denying the major contribution of the USSR and it's nations, mainly Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, and many, many more - to the defeat of Hitler.

It is the role of Israeli media to remind of this facts not only the German public, but also the US readers, especially Jewish ones.
All too often one can read in comments Russophobia in it's worst variation brought up by apparently Jewish readers, which is a whiteness for a intentional incitement and distortion of history by US administration in it's geopolitical games - not Acceptable for the survivors and its children of Holocaust!!!
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