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Suspected white supremacist kills at least 20 at Texas shopping center
Published: 04.08.19, 08:40
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1. 21st mass murders in 2019 alone!
Way to go America! Way to go!
How many dead people from mass shootings that?
How many survivors who will develop lead poisoning?
But don't you mind what's important is that your 2nd amendment rights have been uphelded!
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.04.19)
This is Trumpism.....Viva America
3. El Paso,Tejas (see below for etymology)
"El Paso" from Spanish meaning "The Step"
"Tejas" from Caddo (a Native American language) via Spanish meaning "friend"

Therefore El Paso, Tejas in English would be "The step of the friend"

Now then the fact that I had to translate into English the name of the city and state where this massacre occurred tells me that the real and true intruders are the white males spreading hate and carrying out massacres against unarmed women and children.

...and do NOT EVEN walk up in here and start screaming "2nd Amendment" in my general direction...everyone knows that a well trained militia doesNOT massacre unarmed women and children.
4. Yet another "native-born" white American male...
without a moral compass to spin and
without moral ground to stand on.

No different from Steven Allsopp in the Facebook section.

Just ignorant haters, hating.

5. The weapons industry would sell flame throwers and bazookas
to three year olds...and Porky Sherry would be fighting them in order to get to the front of the iine.
6. No bodies, no wounds, no autopsies, no medical reports...
NYC   (08.06.19)
no dental reports, no ballistics, no blood, no detritus, no debris, no damage, no corroborating identities, no nothing at all but a lot of crying and hugging. This is not America but Fake-istan.
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